Best Car Detailing Equipment and Machines

Changing times call for new and improved cleaning machines for different applications, and Daimer® has always been in the forefront in launching durable, technologically-advanced, and efficient cleaning systems designed for a host of applications, including mobile auto detailing.

As the car wash industry continues to flourish and competition grows tighter than ever before, car cleaning professionals have to be equipped with high-grade, reliable auto detailing equipment capable of ensuring spotlessly clean vehicle exteriors and interiors quickly and easily. These machines must also be versatile and capable of maintaining almost all surfaces of cars, trucks, and other vehicles with minimum hassles.

Car Cleaning Machines For Sparklingly Clean Car Exteriors

Daimer® now offers an exciting range of car detailing machines specifically designed to transform the dirtiest car exteriors into shiny and as good as new. Here is what makes these machines a class apart from traditional cleaning systems:

  • Dissolving or softening tough deposits on vehicle exteriors is one of the toughest jobs that car wash professionals face. Constant use of commercial cleaning agents can expose users to harsh chemicals and even harm the paint of cars. The Super Max™ car detailing equipment from Daimer® generates steam at temperatures as high as 210ºF to effectively dissolve grime and grease stains from vehicle exteriors, wheels, tires, glass, and other surfaces. Steam is also a wonderful cleaning force that poses no risk of damage to vehicle exteriors.
  • Constant scrubbing or wiping to remove deposits from vehicle surfaces can cause scratches on the car paint. For this reason, any car detailing machine from Daimer® comes with adequate pressure levels of up to 1500 PSI required to eliminate dissolved deposits from vehicle exteriors without damaging the paint.
  • Specialized Mobile Auto Detailing Equipment and Technologies

    To get the most out of your car detailing equipment, it is important that it is specially designed for the auto detailing task at hand. Daimer®'s XTreme Power® auto detailing machines come standard with specialized 4" upholstery tools designed to tackle the challenging applications and tight spaces that face auto detailers.

    All upholstery cleaners offered by Daimer® boast the exclusive Low Flow Technology which works to considerably reduce drying times without limiting cleaning power in any way. Drying times are cut to as little as one hour for upholstery and 2-6 hours for carpeted surfaces. Such low drying times eliminate the risk of mold and mildew growth on damp carpets, a danger of using high-flow mobile car detailing systems in the limited air-flow environment of vehicle interiors.

    Features and Technologies of Car Detailing Steam Cleaners

    Dirty interiors and exteriors can spoil the look of even a very expensive car and lower its resale value over time. Detailing your vehicle regularly is like protecting your investment. Apart from the resale value, dirty carpets and seat covers in vehicles carry a lot of germs that can cause health threats to the ones using them. Therefore, getting a car cleaned thoroughly is of utmost importance. Most people hire car detailing services professionals for the purpose, as they have the latest and most advanced car detailing machines.

    Auto detailing services providers offer car detailing services and large vehicle cleaning services, so they buy the machines carefully to enhance the productivity of their cleaning staffs and offer outstanding cleaning results at the same time. Be it a car interior cleaner or a car exterior cleaner, the auto detailing business owners make sure the machines feature modern technologies for fast cleaning.

    Globally reputed brands like Daimer® offer both car exterior cleaner and car interior cleaner machines. Daimer® machines fulfill all the requirements of cleaning experts and are popular among professionals in the auto detailing business all over the world.

    Features of the Best Mobile Car Detailing Equipment

    It is very important to use the right equipment for maintaining different surfaces in cars or any other automobile. Machines, like the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U from Daimer®, offer effective auto carpet and upholstery care. Some of the features are as follows:

    1) These machines come with a 4" stainless steel wand that can easily remove grease, food deposits, shoe dirt, beverage spills, and other grime from the carpets and upholstered surfaces.
    2) Daimer®'s car wash systems create temperatures as high as 210ºF to dissolve the toughest, sticky deposits quickly. The inline heating technology available in these auto upholstery cleaners helps heat water to high temperatures within a few minutes.
    3) A car upholstery cleaner from the company can work both as a heated and non-heated equipment, given the presence of the Advanced, Adjustable Temperature Control™ Technology that helps users to control the temperature. The operators can use a mobile car detailing equipment from Daimer® in a non-heated form for maintaining carpets made of natural fibers to avoid any damage.
    4) These auto carpet cleaner machines feature large recovery and solution tanks for uninterrupted use.
    5) Long hoses up to 25 feet, available with the machines used by auto detailing services providers, increase the convenience of the users, as they can perform the cleaning at a long distance without the need to move the machine.
    6) Easy recovery chamber drainage for removing the extracted water is another feature available for increased user convenience.

    A Technology that Makes a Mobile Car Wash Equipment For Auto Detailing Service Providers Environment Friendly

    Daimer®'s patented Low Flow™ technology, embedded in its auto upholstery cleaners and auto carpet cleaner systems, allows for minimum water consumption. Reduced water usage also helps the carpet and upholstery dry fast. Many of Daimer®'s low-flow car wash systems dry carpets in as little as two hours. Faster drying completely ends the risk of mold that generally resides in damp carpets, which in turn eliminates the risk of any allergies.

    The Role Of Accessories Included with Auto Detailing Machines

    The right accessories make the cleaning process very easy and increase the versatility of a machine. Daimer® is the provider of some of the best auto detailing supplies in the industry.

    For example: A car upholstery cleaner can work as a normal carpet floor cleaner, when bought with the company's optional 12" carpet wand. These machines can then be used for maintaining large carpets, other than providing auto carpet and upholstery care.

    Another important accessory included in Daimer®'s auto detailing supplies list is its patented Eco-Green® Carpet Care Upholstery Cleaner that is plant based and completely soap free. Experts advise to pre-spray the carpets with this cleaner for quick cleaning results.

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				XTreme Power XPC-5700U Interior Fabric Upholstery Cleaner
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The XTreme Power® XPC-5700U is a non-heated upholstery cleaning machine, which is used primarily for auto cleaning of interior fabric upholstery and carpets.

  • The 4.5 gallon XPC-5700U offers a pressure level of 120 PSI and supports water temperature as high as 140°F, making it ideal for home and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.
  • The low flow equipment dries carpets and upholstery in up to an hour. A 4 inch, single jet upholstery wand is available for enhanced cleaning results. Optional wands are also available.
  • Each machine comes with two gallons of Daimer®'s exclusive Carpet Care liquid for residue-free cleaning.

Extra Special Offer: During our promotion, all Daimer® carpet upholstery cleaners come with enough FREE FILTERS to last for up to 4 years of cleaning!

				XTreme Power XPH-5800TU Auto Detailing Machine
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU is a powerful, heated auto detailing and commercial upholstery cleaning machine

  • The model, featuring a 4.5 gallon solution tank size, comes equipped with a tank heating element that can heat water to reach temperatures as high as 150°F. The equipment offers a pressure level of 170 PSI for enhanced cleaning.
  • The low flow feature in this system helps in reducing the drying times to approximately one hour.
  • A four inch, heavy gauge, stainless steel wand is included with each machine.
  • The carpet cleaning system comes with two gallons of Eco-Green® fabric and carpeting solution.

				XTreme Power XPH-5900IU Commercial Upholstery Carpet Steamer
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU is the most popular heated, 4.5 gallon, commercial upholstery carpet steamer in the 5000 series, and also used for maintaining fabric seats and car carpeting.

  • The advanced carpet steaming system comes equipped with two powerful inline heating elements that help the unit to reach temperatures of up to 210°F.
  •  The model offers a pressure level of 170 PSI.
  • Special low flow feature in the machine ensures faster drying times of approximately one hour.
  • A rugged four inch wand is included in the system and optional wands are available for purchase.
  • Two gallons of soap-free cleaning chemical are also shipped for free with every system.

				XTreme Power XPH-6400IU Car Detailing Equipment
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The XTreme Power® XPH-6400IU is power-packed, heated upholstery and car detailing equipment.

  • The 10 gallon machine can create temperatures as hot as 210°F with the inline heating feature.
  • The XPH-6400IU offers a pressure level of 170 PSI.
  • Drying time is reduced to about one hour with the advanced low flow feature.
  • A 12 inch patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand is included for better extraction. Optional wands can also be availed.
  • Daimer® offers two gallons of its ""green" solution for free with the XPH-6400IU.

				XTreme Power XPH-9300U Commercial Auto Detailing Equipment
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014

The XTreme Power® XPH-9300U is a higher capacity, heated commercial auto detailing and upholstery cleaning machine.

  • The inline heating feature ensures temperatures of up to 210°F. The XPH-9300U, with a large 17 gallon tank, offers a pressure level of 220 PSI for superior cleaning results.
  • The system comes with a low flow feature, which reduces water use and helps lower the drying times to approximately one hour.
  • A highly durable, stainless steel, four inch wand is available with the machine.
  • All of the company's carpet cleaners come with two gallons of its eco-safe liquid at no additional charge.
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