Superior Large Area Floor Cleaning Equipment for Better, Faster Cleaning

Cleaning large surface area in a commercial or industrial facility requires the use of a large area floor cleaning machine. Cleaning accumulated grease, mud, and grime using conventional cleaning methods can be a challenging task. Powerful and feature-rich large area floor cleaners can do the job efficiently, quickly, and conveniently.

Professional cleaners prefer using technologically-superior large area floor cleaning machines, as they can be used not only to clean hard floors but also for other applications like wall cleaning and even upholstery cleaning using suitable accessories.

Steam Cleaners for Hard Floor Cleaning

A variety of floor cleaning machines is available for cleaning hard surfaces. Out of these, steam cleaners are preferred by professional cleaners, as they can easily remove various types of deposits from hard surfaces. These machines melt the dirt and extract the molten dirt residues. The powerful floor cleaning equipment can remove even tough stains off hard surfaces without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals or detergents.

Large area floor cleaning equipment is often used by cleaning contractors in charge of maintenance of commercial areas, such as airports, restrooms, supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals. The best large area floor cleaner can clean as much as 100 square feet of floor space in an hour, as it comes equipped with an incredibly powerful, motorized spinner head that helps clean up to 10 times faster than other methods of hard surface cleaning.

The best floor cleaning machine is capable of generating a high pressure outflow of 1500 PSI and comes with a continuous and simultaneous extractor that helps in better and faster cleaning of hard surfaces. They can be used for indoor and outdoor hard surface cleaning applications.

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Systems

The environment-friendly large area floor cleaning machines can be used to remove dirt, grease, oil, food particles, and a host of other substances from ceramic tiles, marble, concrete, brick stone, pavers, and also from uneven hard surfaces. Enhanced and versatile cleaning action provided by these advanced cleaning systems is the reason why they are the first choice of professionals when it comes to cleaning large hard surface areas.

Daimer®, the undisputed leader in supplying of powerful cleaning systems, offers the best large area floor cleaning machines. The XTreme Power® HP HSC 14000 comes with Daimer®’s patented technology to deliver superior cleaning results than other brands of hard surface cleaner systems. The incredibly powerful cleaning system comes with a spinner rotation rate of 1000 RPM, high inlet water temperatures of up to 140º F, and pressure levels of up to 1500 PSI to make the task of professional cleaners exceptionally easy.

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Large Area Hard Floors Maintenance

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Large Area Hard Floors Maintenance

Large Area Hard Floors Maintenance

XTreme Power HSC 13000 Hard Surface Cleaning Machine
Promotion Till Jan 30, 2015

XTreme Power HSC 13000 Hard Surface Cleaner is a versatile and powerful floor cleaner machine.

  • Pump Pressure: 0-1500 psi Completely Adjustable
  • Water Temperature: 140ºF
  • Solution Tank Size:13 Gallons
  • Spinner Diameter: 9 inches
  • Air Flow: 200 cfm
XTreme Power HSC 14000
Promotion Till Jan 30, 2015

The XTreme Power® HSC 14000 commercial industrial hard surface cleaning machine offers the same powerful XTreme-Impact® Technology.

  • Pump Pressure: 0-1500 psi completely adjustable
  • Water Temperature: Supports up to 140ºF inlet temp.
  • Solution Tank Size: 13 gallons
  • Spinner Diameter: 19 inches
  • Air Flow: 200 cfm (cubic feet/minute)
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