Carpet Shampooer Machines for Commercial Applications

Daimer® carpet shampooers provide that extra edge over other cleaners in the market due to the advanced technological innovations. Choose from our powerful commercial/industrial carpet shampooers with exceptionally high airflow (cfm) and suction to clean comparably to truck mounted carpet shampooers that are up to six times the cost of a single Daimer® machine. Plus, Daimer® offers the portability that truck mount carpet cleaners just cannot offer to clean deeper within homes, commercial, and industrial facilities without the long, cumbersome hoses of truck mount systems.

Our heavy-duty industrial carpet shampooers come with auto fill and auto dump features apart from providing high pressure levels to ensure effective and easy cleaning. All Daimer® models are equipped with the quick drying facility and therefore ideal for commercial use.

Carpet Realities

Carpets make any room look elegant and attractive. While new carpets typically are not cleaned initially, cleaning using powerful carpet shampooers become essential on a regular basis and especially as the carpet ages. Dust and dirt if not properly cleaned from the carpets cause health problems like allergies apart from making the carpet look drab and unattractive.

Firstly, you can try and prevent accumulation of dust and dirt on your carpets by following a simple regime of daily maintenance. You can use plastic runners to keep stains and dust away from your carpets. If you find the runners cumbersome especially when you have guests, you could try using them when there are no visitors.

Carpet Shampooers That Clean Quickly Without Damaging Your Carpets

Poorly maintained and stained carpets can be an eyesore in any commercial establishment and can send a wrong message about your business to clients and customers. Daimer® commercial carpet shampooers help you keep your carpets clean and well-maintained. The powerful and technologically-advanced rug shampooers are built using innovative cleaning technology to clean carpets quickly and comprehensively. The commercial industrial carpet shampooers feature high airflow and exceptional suction capabilities that make them the most effective carpet cleaners available on the market.

Advanced Carpet-Friendly Carpet Shampooers

Commercial carpets can attract a variety of stains which can be extremely stubborn and tough to remove. Daimer®'s innovative and powerful Eco-Green® carpet shampooer liquid is the perfect solution to remove carpet stains without having to expend your energy in cleaning and scrubbing them manually. They are powerful enough to remove most stains quickly, preventing their penetration into the deeper layers of your expensive carpets.

Eco-Green® does not leave any residue behind, and thus prevents dirt and other build-up from remaining in the carpet. The eco-friendly carpet shampooer is safe and does not leave harmful chemicals in the fibers, unlike other cheap and dangerous chemical cleaning agents.

Carpet cleaning professionals trust Daimer®'s high-performing carpet steam cleaner equipment, due to their powerful cleaning abilities. They supply advanced carpet extractor machines that are designed to meet the most challenging of cleaning applications effectively. If you are looking at an easy way of eliminating food spills, deep stains and dirt deposits from your carpets, then Daimer®'s powerful carpet cleaning machine is just what you need.

Rug Shampooer that Combines the Power of Heat and Pressure

The latest line of rug shampooers, the Xtreme Power® series features pressure levels up to 500 psi and temperatures as high as 210°F. It helps remove carpet stains and other residues by quickly dissolving them for easy extraction. The combined power of heat and high pressure makes carpet cleaning easy and effortless for cleaning professionals and operators.

The company's commercial carpet shampooers such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9600 come with auto-fill and auto-dump features which enable operators to add clean water or dump dirty recovered water through garden hoses automatically. This is a clear time-saver and allows for speedy completion of industrial carpet cleaning tasks.

Another important feature of a Daimer® carpet shampooing machine is the Low Flow technology. It limits the water flow emitted from the rug shampooer without affecting the cleaning power of the machine and reduces drying times significantly. Low flow rug shampooers also prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Your carpets are ready for use in as little as two hours when you use these advanced carpet cleaners from Daimer®.

Cleaning professionals are increasingly turning to green rug shampooer chemicals and their favorite brand is undoubtedly Daimer®'s Eco-Green® Carpet Care and Upholstery Cleaner. The eco-friendly cleaning additive not only ensures comprehensive cleaning of carpets, but also increases the life of your valuable carpets because their fibers are not subjected to chemical damage which ordinary cleaners inflict on your carpets.

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Commercial/Industrial Carpet Shampooers

Carpet Shampooers

				Xtreme Power XPH-9600 Heated Carpet Shampooer
Commercial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014
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The XTreme Power® XPH-9600 is an industrial, heated carpet cleaner geared towards low and high pile carpets, offering truck mount power, due to its advanced features and technologies.

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machines

  • The equipment, with adjustable pressure levels up to 500 PSI, features two inline heating elements that heat water to temperatures as high as 210ºF within just 5 minutes.
  • The 17 gallon carpet wash machine offers a drying time of approximately two hours, as it comes with the company’s exclusive low flow function.
  • The 12" patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand is included with the carpet cleaning system and customers can purchase additional wands too.
  • The soap free Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, available with the XPH-9600, offers enhanced cleaning. Two gallons of this solution is being offered with the machine for free during a special promotional offer.

				Xtreme Power XPH-9650 Carpet Shampooing Equipment
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014
Retail Price:  
Special Price:  

The XTreme Power® XPH-9650 is a heated carpet wash equipment configured specifically for low pile commercial carpeting, offering the power equivalent to that of a truck mount machine.

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machines

  • The technologically advanced, 17 gallon carpet cleaning system offers a pressure level as high as 500 PSI, which is completely adjustable. It can reach temperatures as high as 210ºF within approximately 5 minutes, due to the presence of two powerful inline heating elements.
  • The low flow technology, embedded in the system, helps dry carpeting in almost two hours.
  • The XPH-9650 features a 12" patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand, which offers excellent suction power. Optional wands are also available.
  • The company is offering two gallons of its environmentally friendly cleaning solution for free with the machine.

				Xtreme Power XPC-12000 Industrial Box Carpet Extractor
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014
Retail Price:  
Special Price:  

The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is a highly powerful, non heated, walk behind, industrial, box carpet extractor that is perfect for settings with high foot traffic.

  • The high tech system offers a pump pressure of 220 PSI and supports up to 140ºF inlet temp.
  • It features Daimer®’s Low Flow™ technology, which reduces the use of water and helps speed up the drying time to one hour.
  • The equipment comes with a built in 20" stainless steel cleaning head with brush. Optional 10” and 12” wands can also be ordered.
  • The carpeting clean machine is bundled with free two gallons of the company’s eco safe cleaning solution.

				Xtreme Power XPH-12000H Heated Walk Behind Carpet Extractor
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 18, 2014
Retail Price:  
Special Price:  

The XTreme Power® XPH-12000H is a high powered, heated, walk behind, box carpet cleaning system. The machine is ideal for the maintenance of areas where foot traffic is quite high.

  • The durable equipment, with a pump pressure of 220 PSI and temperatures reaching a high of 210ºF, offers superior cleaning performance.
  • The low flow function, integrated in the machine, helps lower the drying time to approximately one hour by reducing the use of water.
  • The XPH-12000H features optional 10”, 12” and upholstery wands, and also a built in 20" stainless steel head with cleaning brush for wide cleaning path.
  • Daimer® bundles the system with two free gallons of its environment safe carpet care solution for excellent cleaning.  
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