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Industrial Carpet Cleaners
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Powerful and Versatile Industrial Carpet Cleaners

Our team at Daimer knows that, for industrial clients, it’s crucial that they invest in a carpet cleaning system that can keep up with their heavy-duty maintenance needs. Lower-powered systems are not only less effective but a waste of money for them, as they then need to purchase something more capable. Bypass this needless complication by investing from the outset in an industrial-grade carpet cleaning machine from our wide selection, designed to eliminate serious dirt, grease, and grime build-up with the power and convenience you deserve.

These systems utilize high-performance components, engineered for durability and longevity in even the busiest, dirtiest environments. There’s no need to scrub away at stubborn stains and deposits manually – our industrial carpet cleaners get the job done and then some, minimizing the stress on your maintenance team while helping them operate in a highly efficient manner. With a vast array of water capacities, power output rates, and special features including heated, vacuum and walk-behind configurations, there’s something for every industrial application. Tackling your cleaning needs is now as easy as placing an order online.

The Daimer Difference

Industrial operators have more intensive needs than even those in some commercial environments. Factories, warehouses, research and development facilities, meeting rooms, and connected office spaces are just some of the areas where high-traffic carpeting can be present. And it gets heavily used. Dirt, grime, allergens, and other unwanted particulates can accumulate with greater ease due to the higher amount of activity in these and other areas of the business, and a budget general-purpose carpet cleaner isn’t going to cut it. Instead of getting half-decent results with frequent refills and cheaper components, investing in an industrial carpet cleaner sold from Daimer ensures the polar opposite experience. That means fewer refills due to higher water and solution load capacities more appropriate for application spaces, higher-grade components and a more durable design to promote longevity, and much more power to ensure a deeper, more meaningful clean each time. That’s the Daimer difference, and we’re excited for your business to discover these and many other benefits it can offer.

Industrial Carpet Cleaners Features

  1. Adaptive to Your Industrial Cleaning Needs

    Filth, dust, grime, oil, grease. Those are just some of the pesky problems our industrial-grade carpet cleaners can tackle for you with ease and precision. Injecting water into the layers of carpeting along with a cleaning solution, they wash and vacuum at the same time, doing away with dirt and debris deposits while ensuring there isn’t excess water present. Settings can be adjusted to ensure optimal power and a variety of sizes are available, helping you look after your carpeting with care while staying within budget.
  2. High-Performance Low-Flow

    Many of our industrial carpet cleaners incorporate smaller orifice nozzles which enable the machines to consume less water, minimize the number of required refills, and ensure the heating elements can deliver higher temperatures consistently. At the same time, the reduction of excess moisture helps to speed up drying times, which is crucial in environments where you need employees to get back to work sooner rather than later. 
  3. Durable and Dependable

    Our industrial carpet cleaning machines adhere to the higher standards the operators of such businesses rightly have. More powerful suction, extremely capable heating systems and vacuum motors, and an overall deeper clean are delivered via a conveniently designed unit built with tougher, more resilient materials and components. That way, you can get the job done faster and more efficiently, reducing the risk of breakdowns and machine maintenance. Plus, we’re here if you ever need a hand with your industrial carpet cleaner, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which industrial carpet cleaner is right for my business?

We’re happy to offer a wide selection of suitable machines for the job, but it’s understandable if you’re unsure which is the best balance of price and performance relative to your needs. Some ways to determine this include figuring out how much carpeting your team has to clean on a regular basis, whether you prefer to minimize the number of refills by investing in a higher-capacity unit, and other factors. Our team at Daimer is here to assist, so feel free to get in touch if you need help making a well-informed purchase decision.

Do you lease your industrial carpet cleaners?

We do! The process is easy and convenient for industrial business owners, plus you can take advantage of perks including tax-deductible payments and reduced strain on your credit lines. To get started, fill out our leasing application form online today, powered by Quickspark. Our team will be in touch and let you know if you’ve qualified.

Which applications benefit most from an industrial carpet cleaner?

Environments such as factories, storage facilities, office and meeting spaces, and R&D areas are prime candidates for our powerful cleaning systems. They’ve been deployed everywhere from aerospace applications to agriculture, printing, auto plants and many others.

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