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Pressure Washers

High Pressure Washers to Manage Cleaning Tasks in Various Settings

Daimer Industries® is revered across the globe as one of the foremost providers of cleaning equipment. Upholding values of quality, durability, and power in each system supplied, customers can rest assured that they are in the right hands with our cleaning machines.

Super Max™ pressure washers certainly do not fall from the pack when it comes to the high quality standards, outstanding ruggedness, and commanding output power. Let's take a look at some of the unique features of Daimer® Super Max™ series of power washers.

Types and Features of Daimer Pressure Washers

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is renowned all over the world as the leading supplier of high-grade cleaning machines. The extensive range of cleaning systems available from Daimer® feature the best of everything: expert design, solid construction, quality components, latest technologies, user-friendly operation, and adherence to international safety standards.

Daimer®'s pressure washer machines in the SuperMax™ series vary from light-duty ones to extremely powerful versions designed to tackle the highly challenging applications in industrial settings. To manage a repertoire of cleaning tasks in various settings, the SuperMax™ pressure washing systems come with different pressure levels, temperature options, flow rates, and other innovative technologies.

Depending on the specific cleaning applications, users can choose from an amazing series of pressure cleaning machines with different power options and heating preferences. The most notable categories of pressure washing machines include gas powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers, trailer mountable pressure washers, and heated/non-heated versions.

What Makes SuperMax™ Products the Best Professional Pressure Washing Machines?

What type of pressure cleaners do users generally certify as the best professional pressure washers? Obviously, the ones that greatly help bring down the effort and time that cleaning experts need to invest in various cleaning applications. A number of advanced technologies integrated in the SuperMax™ high pressure washer machines play a key role in simplifying the toughest cleaning tasks and enhancing the end results in the form of exceptionally clean surfaces.

Now, here is a look at the major aspects that make the SuperMax™ pressure washers stand out from conventional versions:

  1. The high pressure washer systems in the SuperMax™ series feature low flow rates ranging from 0.4 gpm to 5 gpm. The low flow rates considerably contribute to water conservation by drastically cutting down the volume of water required for cleaning applications. So, when it comes to tasks, such as auto detailing, the volume of water that hits the ground is relatively low.
  2. Sometimes, different surfaces in the same setting may demand the use of cold water and hot water/steam. It is not a practical option to purchase different pressure cleaner systems to manage such tasks. The SuperMax™ tri-mode high pressure washers have been designed to cater to such challenging applications. The tri-mode capability enables the high power pressure washer machines to independently generate hot water, wet steam, and cold water for enhanced versatility.
  3. Heavy-duty heating coils in the powerful pressure washer systems help convert cold water to hot water in a matter of seconds.

Best Industrial Pressure Washers - for Your Cleaning Applications

It is important to choose the right version of high professional industrial pressure washers for each application. For instance, the SuperMax™ high pressure washer designed for concrete maintenance simply is not appropriate for auto detailing. Similarly, choosing hot water power washers is the right option when you need to accomplish superior degreasing jobs in industrial settings. Moderately-powered commercial pressure washers are ideal for maintaining commercial settings, such as restaurants and automobile showrooms. However, when you need to tackle the most demanding jobs, such as graffiti removal, industrial degreasing or fleet maintenance, it is best to choose the high-powered industrial pressure washers versions with higher pressure levels, temperatures, and flow rates.

Electric Powered Steam Pressure Washers with Multiple Advantages

The best steam power washers for indoor use are definitely the electric-powered ones. The benefits are multiple. The absence of fuel tanks make electric-powered pressure washers lighter, more compact and portable than gas-powered pressure washers. An electric powered pressure washer also functions relatively silently and is thus ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and office complexes. There are lots of environments, such as the food and beverage industry, that specifically insist on the use of only an electric powered high pressure washer rather than a gas pressure washer within the facilities. The Vapor-Flo® high pressure washer systems that are powered and heated by electricity have been specially designed for use in such industries.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers for Unmatched Mobility

There are many settings, such as outdoor areas, where electricity may not be available or reliable. The gas pressure washer systems have been designed for such tasks. Other fuel options include propane and diesel. The most notable advantage of a fuel-powered pressure washing machine is the total mobility due to absence of power cords. Trailer mountable versions of gas pressure washer systems are recommended for maintaining vast outdoor areas.

Unique Technologies in SuperMax™ Pressure Washing Machines

The technologies that add to the cleaning capabilities of SuperMax™ power pressure washer systems include:

  1. Long Hose Technology™ (LHT™): Enables the pressure cleaning system to generate high pressure levels even while using hoses as long as 300 feet. The technology also helps professionals cover large areas without moving the machine.
  2. Adjustable Temperature Control™ (ATC™): Allows users to set the right temperature for each application.
  3. Automatic-Shutoff Technology™ (AST™): Saves users from the effort of manually turning off the electric pressure washers when they need to take a break. With the technology, the system automatically shuts down when not in use for over 30 seconds.
  4. Steam Nozzle Optimized™ (SNO™) technology: Ensures that all steam nozzles work in the wet steam mode. It is seen in a few of Daimer® machines.
  5. Super-Hot™ technology: Empowers the best pressure washer machines with the capability to generate temperatures as high as 330ºF to dissolve the toughest dirt and grease deposits on different surfaces.

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