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Best Vapor Steam Cleaner Machines

Vapor steam cleaners are among the most highly sought after cleaning machines in the industry. Backed by lifetime boiler warranties, high quality composition, and world class support, Daimer® customers can't go wrong.

However, many vapor steamers on the market are not of the same quality as Daimer® cleaning machines. For this reason, we have compiled some key considerations to look into when purchasing dry vapor steam cleaners.

The Versatile Cleaning Abilities of a Vapor Steam Clean Machine Make it the Favorite of Cleaning Professionals

Vapor steam cleaners are considered the best type of cleaning systems available because they use the power of dry steam to clean, sanitize, and degrease a variety of surfaces with absolute ease.

Are you looking for a vapor steam cleaner for sale? Don’t look beyond Daimer®. High quality dry vapor steam cleaner machines use technology that is eco-friendly and can be used to remove even the most stubborn and toughest of stains with relative ease. Most importantly, these vapor steam cleaner systems allow users to clean surfaces without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals and detergents. Don't get a vapor steam cleaner rental, but buy or lease one.

How a Vapor Steam Cleaner Works?

Commercial vapor steam cleaner machines use innovative and advanced technology to create high temperature steam. Heat from the portable vapor steamers melts the bond between the surface and the dirt while the moisture holds the dirt in suspension until it can either be wiped away using a mop or a towel, or extracted with the use of a vacuum pump that is attached to Daimer®’s most advanced commercial vapor steamers. A vapor steam cleaner with vacuum saves a lot of time and enhances productivity.

Why They are the Preferred Cleaning Systems?

Our commercial grade steam cleaner scores heavily over other vapor steam cleaner brands because it comes with a heavy-duty, stainless steel boiler that is guaranteed for superior performance and durability. High dry steam temperatures reaching up to 369°F can be easily achieved with these powerful boilers that form a crucial part of all vapor steam cleaners. The heat source in these high quality vapor steam cleaners is a removal rod that can convert cold water into hot in minutes.

The Latest Technologies incorporated within Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner Machines?

Daimer®’s best steam cleaner systems also come equipped with the company’s patented Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology. This allows users to refill these high quality vapor steam cleaners even while the machine is in operation. The added water is transferred to the boiler and gets mixed with the super heated water, allowing operators to work on their cleaning tasks uninterruptedly. This ensures faster completion of the cleaning application. Some home vapor steamer machines can work non-stop all day.

What are the Advantages and Benefits?

There are several advantages that high quality steam vapor cleaner machines from Daimer® bring to your commercial cleaning process.

  • Steam vacuum cleaner such as the KleenJet® systems features an attached dry/wet vacuum that can extract dissolved dirt, stains, and debris along with residual water simultaneously to leave the surface completely clean and dry. You do not need to use mops and towels to manually clean the surfaces. High quality steam vapor cleaner machines from Daimer® save users lots of time and effort while ensuring quick and comprehensive cleaning.
  • Diamer® offers portable models of vapor steam cleaner machines too, such as the KleenJet® Mega 1000CV. They are light-weight and easy to move around industrial and commercial facilities. Vapor steam cleaners for auto detailing from Daimer® are favorites of the industry.
  • Vapor clean steamers from Daimer® allow operators to clean surfaces without using harmful chemicals. High steam temperatures from home vapor steamer machines can easily dissolve and remove even the most stubborn of stains quickly without the use of detergents or chemicals. High-quality vapor steam cleaning machines offer an eco-friendly way of cleaning various types of surfaces.
  • The boilers in the portable vapor steamers are rugged and include detachable heating rods. A low-cost heating rod can be changed in the unlikely event it is required. Other brands of vapor steam cleaner systems in the category require changing of the entire boiler, which is a hugely expensive and time-consuming affair.
  • Daimer® vapor steam cleaners are safe to use, and include the highest quality components and parts go into their construction.
  • Vapor steam cleaners not only clean but also sanitize and disinfect surfaces with the power of super heated vapor/steam.

Where are Major Applications of Steam Vapor Cleaners?

  • Tackling the menace of bed bugs: A power-packed vapor steam cleaner for bed bugs, with its high temperatures, kills bed bugs completely, even the eggs.
  • Cleaning car interiors: A vapor steam cleaner for car detailing delivers great results in maintaining the hard surfaces inside vehicles.
  • Controlling infections in old age homes and hospitals: A vapor steam cleaner for carpet spot cleaning, with anti-bacterial technology, can help eliminate harmful bacteria in such facilities.

Whether applications include tile and grout cleaning in commercial kitchens and bathrooms, or for removing soap scum and mold from bathroom showers and fittings, these machines do it all.

In short, dry vapor steam cleaners are truly versatile cleaning systems and can be used for various types of cleaning applications across diverse industries.

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