110-120V, 60Hz$2,554.00

The XPH-5900i commercial carpet extractor features inline heating elements for quick heating. A great portable unit for frequent use.

  • Pressure: 170 PSI.
  • Temperatures: up to 210°F.
  • Solution Tank Size: 4 gallon machine
  • Drying Time: ~2 hours
  • Two gallons of environmentally friendly carpet care solution is included


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The XPH-5900i is USA made heated carpet extractor with two 1000 watt inline heating elements that flash heat water after the pump.  The fast heating time make the XPH-5900i a better option than the 5800T for long periods or use or larger jobs.

Weighing ~ 60lbs (empty) the XPH-5900i is extremely portable, and emptying the 5900i into a bucket is easy with the front valve. The included carpet wand features a guide that maintains contact with the carpet which maintains a good vacuum seal and greatly improves vacuum performance.

2 Gallons of Daimer's Eco-Green Carpet Care are included.  Eco-Green is readily biodegradable and non-toxic.  It is very concentrated and should be diluted 32:1  water for standard cleaning. This means that one gallon of Eco-Green can theoretically yield 33 gallons of usable product.  For heavily soiled carpets try a stronger concentration of ~ 20:1.

The XPH-5900i is built to last for years of heavy, daily use.  Have questions? Contact us! We are happy to help identify the right machine for your application.


Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 years limited warranty
Pump Pressure170 psi
Tempup to 210ºF
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size4 gallons
Recovery Tank Size4 gallons
Heating Elements2 powerful inline heating elements
Heating Timeup to 5 minutes
Drying Timeapproximately 2 hours
Water Lift (max)100 inch
Air Flow (max)100 cfm
Vacuum Motor1 powerful 2 stage motor
Wand Included12 inch patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand
Upholstery Wandavail.
Optional Wandsupholstery, stair
Solution Hose25 feet
Vacuum Hose25 feet
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords1
Required Circuit(s) Amps20
Dimensions20"w. x 29"d. x 38"h.
Weight59 lbs
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaners

Standard Parts / Quantity

NEW 12" Patented, Rugged, Adjustable Carpet Wand for 60% Greater Extraction 1
25' Vacuum Hose (not shown) 1
25' Solution Hose (not shown) 1
Set of 2 FREE GALLONS of Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner
to make up to 64 gallons of ready-to-use liquid

*We suggest users pre-spray the carpeting with a carpet cleaning solution prior to cleaning with the machine. For additional cleaning power, users can add additional solution if they desire to the water chamber along with water for operation of the machine.





After a quick Google search and several days of phone calls and research, I bought one of
your XPH-5900I machines. What a pleasant surprise!

I was very impressed with the suction power from the adjustable wand included with the
machine. I had not seen that kind of wand anywhere else.

Not only is the machine powerful enough for my new carpet cleaning business, but it was
really easy to set up and use.

I recently added some part time help and he was up and running in no time. Also, I don't
have a van, so I needed a machine that could fit in a car. The other thing I like about
the machine is the heating system because it is fast and gets hotter than any of the other
machines I priced.

Rory K.
Miami, FL

Professional Carpet Cleaning at Affordable Prices

Among the different commercial carpet cleaners available on the market, the XTreme Power® XPH-5900I from Daimer® ranks as one of the most powerful in its class. This commercial carpet cleaner offers a fantastic pressure level of 170 psi, which is only within 30 psi of some very expensive truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment used by industry professionals.

This particular line of rug steam cleaners is ideal for those who are looking for a professional carpet cleaning equipment at an affordable price. The XTreme Power® XPH-5900I is a carpet cleaner that can deliver powerful cleaning for commercial and industrial areas as well.

Putting The User In Control

One of the unique features of this line of commercial carpet cleaners is the fact that it allows the user to control the temperature levels. This particular carpet cleaner does come with two inline heating elements, which have the ability to reach temperatures of up to 210º F. This can be ideal for softening and removing sticky stains and sedimentation.

However, these high temperatures may not be well suited to clean sensitive materials, which may get damaged due to high heat. The ability to control the temperature on these carpet cleaners makes them a truly versatile tool. This commercial carpet cleaner can be used to tackle different kinds of carpet cleaning tasks without any need to invest in multiple units.

This carpet shampooer also comes with a special patented feature, known as low flow technology. This means that the carpet cleaning unit uses less water and more extraction power to clear dirt and debris. Not only does this help in conserving water, it also allows the carpet to dry much faster. These carpet cleaners can allow carpets to dry within two hours. The XTreme Power® XPH-5900I is truly a unique carpet shampooer, which offers high cleaning efficiency coupled with a fast drying time.

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