Commercial Shower Cleaning Machines

Commercial Shower Cleaning Machines
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Restrooms Shower Cleaning Machines

Commercial restrooms are best cleaned with Daimer®’s pressure washers, which are the finest alternative to other types of cleaning systems. Showers and shower stalls, in particular, are best cleaned with a commercial-grade pressure washer such as ones sold by Daimer®.

Gyms and locker rooms, for example, feature multiple shower areas, and cleaning each one of them on a daily basis can be a bit of a chore unless you have the right pressure washing machine. Electric pressure washers are generally used for indoor cleaning, particularly as electricity is easily available in most urban and commercial locations. Electric pressure washers have another benefit, i.e. these machines produce less noise than fuel powered machines and do not require the use of fuel to power, but propane would be best to clean quickly.

Daimer®’s commercial pressure washer systems are used for cleaning tiles, ceramics, and other surfaces in commercial bathrooms and showers. One of the best uses for these high pressure washers is in mold removal. Mold frustrates contractors and homeowners due to the ability to regrow rapidly no matter how many times you clean showers and tiles. Only high pressure washers, with their ability to forcefully dislodge fungi from walls, have been known to offer good results.

Eliminating Soap Scum in Shower Room

Another problem is cleaning soap scum. Soap scum in large stalls and many commercial bathrooms cannot be easily cleaned by hand. On drying, the soap scum cakes the surface, and as it accumulates, cleaning it by hand becomes more and more difficult. A pressure washer resolves this problem by blasting the soap scum off the surface, thanks to the high pressure water spray.

High temperature is one of the biggest advantages of steam pressure washers. Daimer®’s steam pressure washers often attain temperatures of up to 330°F. Hot steam eliminates mold, grease, and breaks down soap and detergent residues lingering on tiles. These pressure washing machines are also very useful in removing caked grime, such as grease and oil.

These steam pressure washers are able to clean restrooms thanks to their high pressure levels. For example, the Super Max™ 7000 is able to remove grime from tiles, stone, vinyl, and similar surfaces owing to its moderate pressure (1000 psi) and high temperature.

Water Savings in Shower Cleaning

When contractors purchase pressure cleaner systems, one of the first things they check is the water efficiency of the machine. Most industrial pressure washers have water flow rates higher than 5 GPM. However, if you are worried by having to use too much water, invest in one of the Daimer® industrial pressure washers that have lower flow rates. The Super Max™ 7000, for example, has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

Machines with lower flow rates are used where water supply problems exist or there are regulations against water use and improper disposal. Pressure washers are often ideal for cleaning showers because drainage is often not an issue.

High pressure cleaners sold by Daimer® have many other applications. If you want to purchase a versatile machine that takes care of most pressure washing applications, find a suitable pressure cleaner in the Daimer® inventory.

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