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Oven Cleaning Made Easy with the Best Oven Steam Cleaning Equipment

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is essential across all areas of a commercial kitchen to make sure that food contamination of even the most remotest type does not occur. Apart from the various surfaces, even the kitchen equipment, such as big ovens and trays in a commercial kitchen, must be free of bacterial presence and microorganisms. Oven cleaning equipment, with the right features, can help you keep ovens clean and sanitized.

Cleans Faster and More Effectively than Ordinary Cleaning Tools

Advanced steam cleaner machines from top suppliers are ideal for restaurants oven cleaning. They obliterate the need to scrub and scrape the ovens to clean them. Superior oven steam cleaning equipment can change the way you clean ovens in your restaurant. With features that are tailor-made for restaurant and bakeries oven cleaning, these commercial grade steam cleaner systems can make oven cleaning easy and significantly faster than conventional cleaning methods.

The best oven steam cleaner available is capable of providing enhanced anti-bacterial action and can eliminate about 99.9 percent of bacteria, harmful germs, and disease-causing pathogens. It also comes with an anti-bacterial device in the boiler that can capture and remove dirt and allergens. Maintenance staff members can clean and disinfect ovens effortlessly with the best steam cleaners. They offer:

  • High steam temperatures
  • Impressive pressure levels
  • Large extraction vacuum recovery tank with increased capacity
  • Self-regulating continuous refill facility

Higher Steam Density Ensures Better Cleaning Results

The anti-bacterial steam cleaner is designed to meet the challenges of cleaning large ovens in commercial kitchens and it does the job admirably with its powerful cleaning ability and industry-specific features. The high steam temperatures and pressure levels ensure that stubborn and tough deposits are removed without any manual scrapping or scrubbing. The steam generated is many times denser than that ejected by ordinary steam cleaners.

The enlarged capacity of the vacuum tank of the steam vacuum cleaner and the continuous refill feature help operators carry out the cleaning operation uninterrupted, as they do not have to stop for emptying the recovery tank. Refilling can be done automatically by selecting the direct feed mode, which helps to draw water conveniently from a hose line.

Daimer® offers the best steam cleaners for cleaning of large ovens in commercial kitchens. The anti-microbial KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP is a powerful steam cleaner that offers outstandingly high temperatures up to 364ºF and pressure levels up to 115 PSI to deliver amazing cleaning results faster than ordinary steam cleaning systems. The 3000CVP also generates up to 200 percent more steam density outflow than other machines available on the market.

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