Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning Machine

Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning Machine
3 Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning Machine
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Why Kitchen Team Cleaners are Essential for Cleaning Contractors


Any good cleaning contractor will vouch for a good quality pressure washer. Experienced cleaning contractors know that pressure washers are among the most powerful machines presently available. These machines are a must for certain kinds of cleaning jobs, especially for hard surface cleaning tasks.

This article offers tips for buying commercial pressure washers. These tips are useful in general to anyone planning to buy pressure washers, and in particular, to cleaning contractors who engage in restaurant cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

Pressure Level

People normally judge a pressure washing machine by its output pressure level. Powerful pressure washers have a high output pressure level. For cleaning restaurants and kitchens, one does not need a machine with a very high pressure level. A machine with an output pressure level in the range of 1000 psi to 1500 psi will do.

The reason for this is not very hard to understand. Commercial pressure washers with very high output pressure levels are useful machines, but dangerous too. These machines pump the output at surfaces to blast away stubborn, stuck-on, and sticky dirt and impurities present.

If the output is powerful enough it can cause damage to soft or semi soft surfaces. Therefore, soft surfaces must be kept away from the pressure washing machines. To be on the safer side, it would be better to use hard floor cleaners with a reasonable output pressure.

Flow Rate

Another important specification of power washer machine is flow rate. It refers to the quantity of water used by the machine per minute. Normally, flow rate increases with the increase in output power.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, it is better to select hard floor cleaners equipped with low flow rates. The flow rate of the machine should not exceed 2 GPM. Machines with low flow rates help use less water during the cleaning process, ideal for indoor areas where drainage may not be as abundant.

Output Temperature

The third factor to consider is output temperature. Normally, pressure washing machines produce three kinds of output, based on the temperature of the water emitted: cold water, hot water, and wet steam. Cold water refers to non-heated output. Hot water means the output temperature reaches up to 210°F, and steam means the output temperature can be up to 330°F.

Steam pressure washer machines have the best cleaning efficiency, and these are the most suitable machines for kitchen cleaning. Tri-mode machines are another good choice as these machines support all three types of output. In other words, these are steam pressure washer systems that can give cold water and hot water outputs.

Choice of Machine

There are many sellers of pressure washing machines on the internet. It is important to look into the reputation and experience of the supplier. Daimer®, a top grade supplier with many years of experience, is a sound choice. The company offers many models of pressure washing machines in its Super Max™ series.

The Super Max™ 7000 is a particularly good choice for kitchen cleaning. The machine offers excellent cleaning power and is durable. These properties make the machine a favorite of many cleaning contractors.

Other commercial kitchen steam cleaning machines to be considered for include high-powered steam cleaner systems, like those within the KleenJet® line. Such steam cleaner systems as the KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP offer tremendous dry steam cleaning power and anti-bacterial technologies for complete sanitization of food preparation surfaces. When you are in the market for a vapor steam cleaner for your kitchen cleaning applications, turn to Daimer® - the industry's most trusted source of vapor steam cleaner machines.

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