Disinfection & Sanitizing Steam Cleaners

Disinfection & Sanitizing Steam Cleaners
4 Disinfection & Sanitizing Steam Cleaners
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A Guide to Disinfection & Sanitizing Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaners are widely used in healthcare and hospitality industries. There will likely be few hospitals or hotels that have not been cleaned by steam cleaner machines. There are two reasons for the widespread popularity of these machines, particularly in restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

First, steam cleaners clean hard surfaces as efficiently as, if not more efficiently than any other hard surface cleaners do. Second, with today's advanced technologies, these machines sanitize the surfaces too. Not many other cleaning machines can boast of this combination of cleaning and sanitizing.

The following is an overview of how steam cleaners sanitize the surface and tips to increase and overall cleaning efficiency of the machines.

High Output Temperature

One of the main reasons for the advanced cleaning capability of steam cleaner machines is their high output temperature. Sophisticated models can provide an output temperature as high as 382 degrees Fahrenheit. This is serious high temperature, which can rapidly dissolve the toughest residue on hard surfaces.

The best steam cleaners use dry vapor, which is a superheated form of water vapor. The real advantage of such machines is that the output contains less than 5% liquid water content. The output is not just sharp and powerful, but allows the surfaces to dry up quickly too and leaves little moisture behind to clean up.

Wet surfaces tend to attract more harmful bacteria and fungi. If the surface dries up immediately after cleaning, its chances of getting infected are remote. That way, the best steam cleaners that provide output consisting of "dry" water vapor, help in keeping the surfaces clean and hygienic for a long time.

Anti-Microbial Technology

The high output temperature is not the only weapon for the best steam cleaners when it comes to sanitizing. High quality commercial steam cleaner models are equipped with anti microbial technology. A good example for this is some of the latest models from Daimer®, a well-known distributor of cleaning machines.

These machines have ATIS® technology, which is a proven anti bacterial technology. The company claims that the technology can eliminate more than 99% of commonly occurring, harmful microorganisms, which is verified and found to be correct by independent experts. This includes Escherichia coli, recently in the news in Europe for a deadly outbreak, and Listeria.

Many portable steam cleaner models in the KleenJet series of Daimer® are equipped with ATIS® technology. These machines are highly sought after for use in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes.

How to Increase Cleaning Efficiency

One way to increase the efficiency of the machines is to use portable steam cleaner machines with attached vacuum. Ordinary machines do not have this feature. The advantage is that such machines can dissolve the dirt and impurities on the surface, as well as extract the molten dirt residues. This rapidly speeds up cleanup and goes a long way in enhancing productivity.

Ordinary portable steam cleaners, on the other hand, can only dissolve or displace the dirt and impurities. The dirt residues need to be removed manually - either with a towel or with a brush. Manual cleaning is simply not as efficient as steam vacuum cleaning.

In other words, portable steam cleaners with attached vacuum cleaner and sanitizer technologies clean the surface more efficiently and more completely than ordinary cleaning machines.

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