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Mobile Car Wash Equipment

Mobile Car Wash Equipment Combines Power with Convenience

Looking for car washing equipment that's hard to beat in terms of performance, durability and efficiency? The one name that delivers all this and more is Daimer®, the globally established source of the most efficient and extensive cleaning machines such as steam cleaners, pressure washers, hard surface cleaners and carpet cleaners. These machines present you with an extensive choice of specifications and configurations designed to tackle all types of cleaning challenges across a variety of industries.

The leading supplier is now coming up with something unique for the car detailing industry. Their advanced mobile car wash equipment can literally dissipate the various hassles and inconveniences associated with exterior auto detailing processes.

Experience the Convenience of Portable Car Wash Equipment Systems

Daimer® introduces the powerful and versatile Super Max™ portable car wash equipment which bring in that much needed element of mobility in the exterior car detailing works. The steam car washing machines come with convenience-inducing features such as high steam temperatures, standard with all models.

High wet steam temperatures ranging from 300°F to 330°F, depending on the model, helps dissolve grease, dirt, mud, tree sap, oil, grime, bird droppings, bug splatters and almost all other types of deposits that one comes across during vehicle servicing. The Super Max™ portable car washer systems offer a powerful, quick and convenient way of eliminating unyielding, tough substances from car surfaces effortlessly.

Mobile Car Wash Equipment for Quick and Comprehensive Cleaning

Daimer®'s steam mobile car wash equipment makes car detailing a breeze even during harsh winters. These car pressure washing machines can melt ice and snow and even remove salt and other deposits, a common stickling feature that car owners have to contend with during the winter months.

In addition, Daimer® 's steam mobile car wash systems offer car detailing services much more than what other mobile car detailing systems offer. The extreme power of steam pressure washers can literally blast away dissolved deposits and leave the vehicle surfaces clean and spotless.

Some portable car wash service providers prefer using dry steam cleaners for cleaning exterior surfaces. This is not exactly recommended because low water content combined with low pressure levels cannot effectively remove all residues. Constant wiping can cause damage to the paint job and it may develop fine scratches.

Daimer®'s mobile car wash systems feature pressure levels at or below 1500 psi to make sure that your car surface does not suffer the usual damages such as chipping of paint and scratches. Mobile car washers such as the Super Max™ 6120SCW and the Super Max™ 7000 are designed to deliver optimum cleaning results minus any risk of external surface damage as they feature pressure levels of 1000 psi.

Powerful Mobile Car Detailing Machines Saves you Precious Water

Providing mobile car washing services at the home or workplace of car owners is a trend that's catching up because of the convenience it offers besides saving them time. However, portable car wash service providers have to contend with two factors. One is the flow rate of their cleaning machine. They are not guaranteed sufficient water resource to operate their high flow portable pressure washer for optimum performance. The second factor is that excessive use of water may lead to drainage problems.

Mobile car washing services can deal with both these issues effectively with Daimer®'s exclusive and powerful low flow mobile car wash equipment. The Super Max™ 6120SCW portable car washer has a flow rate of 0.5 GPM. It not only reduces water usage but also helps operators deliver impeccable service at home or office or car owners where water is a scarce resource. The high pressure levels of 1000 psi of these car exterior washing machines combined with the high steam temperatures of 300°F of these mobile auto washing machines can deliver optimum cleaning power for blasting away and dissolving all types of deposits.

The Super Max™ portable car wash equipment comes mounted on wheels to add to their mobility factor and for easy movement to take the system right up to the spot of cleaning application. Car exterior cleaning operators will appreciate the benefits of the company's entire car washing equipment line, and can select the most appropriate model for their specific needs.

mobile car wash equipment
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