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Daimer Industries: Offering the Best Vapor Steam Cleaner Machines

At Daimer, we believe in providing the most dependable, resilient cleaning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers who turn to our team. Our dry vapor steam cleaner machines are among the most highly sought-after in the industry. Daimer customers count on us to deliver top-quality systems with the features and dependability they need, which is why we provide a selection of the best, most capable solutions on the market.

With that said, it’s important to know that many vapor steamers on the market are not of the same quality as ours. There can be differences in terms of build quality, power, and suitability for select applications including auto detailing work. To help you make a more informed purchasing decision, we have compiled some key factors you ought to consider when choosing a dry vapor steam cleaner.

The Favorite of Cleaning Professionals

Vapor steam cleaners utilize the power of dry steam to clean, sanitize, and degrease a variety of surfaces with ease. The highest-quality systems including ours use eco-friendly technologies, helping to remove even the most stubborn and toughest of stains. Most importantly, they allow users to clean surfaces without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals and detergents. 

How a Vapor Steam Cleaner Works

Vapor steam cleaner machines use specialized water heating technology to create high-temperature steam. Heat from this vapor melts the bond between the surface and the dirt. Meanwhile, the moisture holds the dirt in suspension until it can either be wiped away using a mop or a towel or extracted with a vacuum pump. A vapor steam cleaner incorporating vacuuming capabilities saves a lot of time and enhances productivity. 

Steam Cleaner Use Cases

A steam cleaner is ideal for hard surfaces including sealed floors, tile, and grout. It can also be used for spot cleaning of softer materials, such as carpeting and upholstery. In commercial and industrial applications, they are commonly used in kitchen and food processing equipment cleaning, as well as in general degreasing of all types of surfaces. They have also been widely used for cleaning in automotive shops, retail, and many other environments. The high temperature of the steam produced helps to kill fungus, mold, bacteria, and other allergens. In addition, vapor steam cleaners apply low-level pressure of up to 150 PSI.

Steam Cleaner Key Components and Features

  1. Boiler

    The boiler does what the name implies: it boils water and turns it into steam. These components are subjected to extreme heat and pressure, which is why high-quality ones are made of stainless steel. One key feature is a replaceable heating element, which means customers can have a single low-cost heating rod replaced instead of the entire boiler. This makes a higher-quality vapor steam cleaner a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Industrial-grade steam cleaners sport boilers of up to 14 liters in capacity size.
  2. Refill Tank

    Some residential and most commercial-grade steam cleaners include a non-pressurized refill tank that allows the operator to add water to the machine while it's still running. For systems without a refill tank, the operator must depressurize the system, add water to the boiler, and wait up to 20 minutes for the water to heat.
  3. Automatic Refill

    Some industrial steam cleaners include a direct water feed that connects the machine to a water outlet and refills the boiler as needed. Automatic refill systems can also be refilled manually if a water line is not available.
  4. Detergent Tanks

    These tanks hold and dispense cleaning chemicals. Some steam cleaning machines include simple handle controls that allow the operator to control the detergent and steam flow while cleaning. Industrial vapor steam cleaners can have detergent tanks in excess of 20 liters.
  5. Steam Vacuum

    Steam cleaners can also be equipped with vacuums that empty their contents automatically into extraction tanks of up to 35 liters in size. Steam vacuum cleaners can boost productivity dramatically since they allow users to clean and extract without the use of towels. Non-vacuum steam cleaners require the use of a towel to wipe the moisture and residue left behind.
  6. Accessories

    Steam cleaners usually include a collection of brushes in various shapes and sizes with and without towel clips. These steam cleaner accessories include small detail brushes, squeegees for glass and mirrors, microfiber towels; and plungers for sink drains.

Why Many of Our Clients Prefer Steam Cleaners

Our commercial-grade steam cleaners score heavily over other brands because they come with a heavy-duty, stainless steel boiler. This component is guaranteed superior performance and durability. High dry steam temperatures reaching up to 369°F can be easily achieved with boilers as powerful as these. The heat source we use is a removal rod that can convert cold water into hot in mere minutes.

The Latest Technologies for Optimal Results

We’re proud to sell the best steam cleaner systems in terms of long-term value and durability, and we make this happen by incorporating state-of-the-art features and components to improve everyday performance. Explore just a few of the many features and benefits our machines can offer:

  1. Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology

    Daimer commercial and industrial vapor steam cleaners come equipped with our patented Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill technology. This allows users to refill even while the machine is in operation. The added water is transferred to the boiler and gets mixed with the superheated water, allowing you to work on cleaning tasks without any interruption or wasted time. This ensures faster completion of the cleaning application, helping you get more done with less hassle.
  2. Steam Vacuum Capabilities

    Steam vacuum cleaner systems such as the KleenJet® line feature an attached dry/wet vacuum that can extract dissolved dirt, stains, and debris along with residual water simultaneously. It’s an easy way to leave surfaces completely clean and dry. There’s no need to use mops or towels!
  3. Portable Power

    Daimer® offers portable models of vapor steam cleaner machines too, such as the KleenJet® Mega 1000CV. They are lightweight and easy to move around industrial and commercial facilities. These vapor steam cleaners for auto detailing from Daimer are favorites of the industry.
  4. No Need for Harmful Chemicals

    High steam temperatures can easily dissolve and remove even the most stubborn stains quickly. There’s no need for specialized detergents or chemicals, making for an eco-friendlier cleaning solution.

Ideal Use Cases for Daimer Vapor Steam Cleaners

  • A power-packed vapor steam cleaner for bed bugs kills them using high temperatures. Even the eggs are destroyed.
  • When used in car detailing applications, our machines deliver great results while maintaining the hard surfaces inside vehicles.
  • A vapor steam cleaner for carpet spot cleaning, with anti-bacterial technology, can help eliminate harmful bacteria in facilities such as old age homes, hospitals, retail stores, offices, and more.
  • Our steam cleaners can eliminate soap scum and mold. They’re ideal for kitchen and bathroom cleaning jobs, whether on tile, grout or otherwise.

Tips for Using a Steam Cleaner

  • Never try to steam clean surfaces comprising of pressed paper, cardboard, or non-enamel paint.
  • For waxed floors, use low pressure. Clip a clean towel over a large rectangular brush and work quickly. The process will melt the thin layer of dirt, revealing what looks like a freshly waxed floor.
  • For unwaxed vinyl floors, work quickly. Don’t allow heat to build up as it can soften the vinyl and affect the texture.
  • For tile floors, scrub briskly using a brush with no towel. Wipe up the mess immediately with a loose towel. Don’t let an area dry before wiping up. If your steam cleaner has a vacuum, steam first and vacuum dry afterwards.
  • For grout, use a small detail brush and wipe up as you clean. Dirt within tight grout may be pre-sprayed with an alkaline cleaner. Let the solution sit for several minutes before cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do steam cleaners kill germs?

The process of superheating water into steam means that the surface directly treated by the machine is heated as well. Therefore, any microbes including infectious bacteria are immediately killed. A steam cleaner penetrates the top layer of dirt and grime on a surface to ensure the cleaning area is effectively sterilized, and there’s no need to make multiple passes if you invest in a high-quality system such as one from Daimer. This is why hospitals, long-term care homes, schools, and other facilities rely on our products to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

Are vapor steam cleaners safe to use on all interior surfaces of a vehicle?

No. They should only be used for harder surfaces that require a surface-level cleaning. Carpet extractors are better suited to areas such as floormats, for instance, as a much deeper cleaning is required to lift dirt and grime. Surfaces such as leather seats and premium upholstery, on the other hand, are ideal for very carefully administered vapor steam cleaner treatments as the drying time is very quick, protecting them from damage (dry vapor is technically a gas, not a liquid), and only the top level of such surfaces usually needs to be cleaned. However, be mindful of how much heat you’re exposing these materials to, and that the machine isn’t too close to the surface.

How do I know which steam cleaner machine I need?

Daimer sells reliable, long-lasting vapor steam cleaners for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Each machine is built to a grade of specification to ensure it performs well under intended use. For instance, a steam cleaner for the home won’t need to be as powerful or feature-packed as something for use in an auto shop or car wash. Consider the level of pressure, steam temperature, and any special capabilities (such as wet/dry vacuums) you’ll need for your use case. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to help!

What if I’m unsure whether a steam cleaner is safe for a surface in my home or business?

Give us a call or send an email anytime. We at Daimer understand that it can be difficult to determine whether certain surfaces are safe for steam cleaning, especially if you’re not used to using one. With the informed guidance of our team of experts, we’ll be able to help you make your purchase decision with an absolute peace of mind and clarity.

Do you offer leasing options?

Yes, we do! There’s no need to pay the entire cost upfront if you meet our financing qualification criteria. Simply fill out our 30-second leasing application online, no obligations, powered by Quickspark Financial. We offer low monthly payments, 100-percent IRS tax-deductible financing, and even the ability to generate income as you pay. Apply today to learn more.  

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