September 09, 2014

Car Detailing Equipment from the World Leader in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Car detailing is an exacting business. If it's your line of work, you already know this. Car detailing is all about taking on the tough cleaning challenges that ordinary car owners do not know how to do or are not properly equipped to take on. Compared to a traditional car wash, whether on the driveway at home or through a parade of automated brushes and jets at a local gas station, detailing is a whole other level of clean.

One of the greatest challenges in car detailing is balance: getting enough power to take on tough stains inside and out, including the various materials hurled at a vehicle as it speeds down the highway. This balance is especially clear for surfaces like paint, that can go from stained to chipped in just one misstep. And while a popular myth suggests that steam cleaners can scratch paint surfaces, it's simply not true; particles of rock or dirt not cleaned prior to the process are responsible for the damage—steam cleaning is a touch-free car detailing solution. All of these factors mean you not only need to be an expert at car detailing, but you need to be an expert with the right car detailing equipment, no exceptions. Any mistake costs you and your business time, money, and customers.

At Daimer Industries, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality cleaning products for the commercial and industrial marketplace. Our years of expertise are passed along to you through unbiased advice, industry-leading technologies, and a steadfast dedication to the best of everything.

Mobile Car Detailing Equipment for Your Business

When you're shopping around for mobile car detailing equipment, two priorities come to mind: quality and choice. We offer both. With Daimer Industries, quality is a guarantee. The stainless steel boilers that are included in some of our mobile car detailing equipment, like the KleenJet Supreme 3000CV, include a lifetime guarantee for the stainless steel boiler. The same guarantee is available on our KleenJet Ultra 5000CV. We are able to offer these guarantees not just because we have confidence in our current products but because we also have confidence in our history. For years, we've demonstrated our ability to follow through on our guarantees.

The KleenJet models are two of eight available for the mobile car detailing business. The others are part of our Super Max series. Our Super Max series provides pressure washers and low-moisture steam car washers, with pressures of up to 1,500 pounds per square inch to safely remove difficult stains. Propane and electricity heated, the models feature a range of steam temperatures to help you select the right one for the task.

We develop and manufacture such a wide selection because we know how the right tool can make the job much, much easier—and how the wrong one can make the job nearly impossible. As you begin your shopping search, get in touch with us to get expert advice from people that know our products inside and out. Our sales staff does not make a commission based on which model you purchase, so you can rest assured that you're getting absolutely honest advice from our representatives. We have one goal, which is to make sure you get the product you need for the task at hand. Nothing could be more important. We think you'll agree.

Facts about Car Detailing Equipment and the Strength of Daimer Industries

Our car detailing equipment is an appropriate solution for both interior and exterior cleaning. Our products generate a high-temperature steam vapor capable of removing difficult stains while preserving paint finishes and more delicate interior components. The growing popularity of these products is due both to their efficiency and their sanitizing effects. It makes your car detailing work quicker, easier, and more sanitary. This includes features that can deodorize cars, a frequent request of those looking for car detailing services. Steam cleaners also generate far less water waste than traditional methods, making them a smart environmental choice. They both use less water during the cleaning process and generate far less waste water as a result.

For these reasons, Daimer Industries is a strong supporter of steam cleaners as time-saving and cost-saving car detailing equipment. Our products for this industry are just one of our hundreds of products that serve the full range of commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Daimer Industries cleaners are in use in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, no small feat. We've built our business around the concept of the highest quality products, unbiased advice, and an acceptance of smaller profit margins. This last part is crucial, both because it demonstrates our willingness to communicate honestly with our customers, and because it helps you understand how we're able to offer exceptional quality at competitive prices. We depend on customers loving our product and sharing their stories to generate revenue through our sales volume.

You'll know you made the right choice as soon as you speak with our staff. We're here to help guide you through the selection process so you can get back to perfecting and growing your own business. Your success is the greatest point of pride for us, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. That's what makes Daimer Industries different.


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