January 19, 2016

Car Steam Cleaners and Auto Detailing

Car Steam CleanersIf you have ever cleaned the interior of your car, you know what a time consuming process that can be.  Car steam cleaners can save time and money, and are a vital piece of equipment for anyone in the car cleaning business.  Finding the right one for you needs is easy, and it is one of the best investments you can make.

Save Time

A steam cleaner can save you quite a bit of time.  From the carpet to the headliner, and all the seats in between can be quickly and efficiently cleaned.  The upholstery wand is included with all of our carpet cleaners.  With twenty feet or longer hoses, you can spend your time cleaning the upholstery, not moving around the cleaner.  Powerful two stage motors let you get cars cleaner and in less time than with other less efficient models.

Steam cleaners can clean an interior in far less time than hand methods, as the hot water and high pressure can quickly dissolve greasy or sticky messes in the upholstery in no time.  They are easy to use, and offer superior results.

Increase Productivity

It doesn’t matter if you run a car wash, or if you run a mobile automobile detailing service, giving your customers a clean interior is very important.  Using professional car detailing equipment allows you to get the results that your customers demand in a very short amount of time.  Most steam cleaners have a low flow option that allows for faster drying.  This means that from start to finish, the job of cleaning a car becomes much faster and easier.

Modern steam cleaners for detailing cars have become very easy to use.  Steam cleaners, or carpet cleaner extractors, have many options available.  Choosing one with the right temperatures and pressure levels helps to make quick work of detailing any interior.

What To Look For

When selecting your mobile car detailing equipment, you should look at several things.  Some cleaners can have built in water heaters, which is a feature you should look for if you plan to clean heavily soiled carpets on a regular basis.  Of the cleaners that don’t have this feature, some of them allow you to use hot water.  Be sure to look at the maximum temperatures that the machine provides or allows for.

Another feature that you should look at is the flow.  Some less efficient systems can use a great deal of water, which results in wasted water.  It also takes much longer for interiors that are washed by these systems to dry.  Look for a special low flow option for faster drying times.  Some of the best carpet cleaners on the market are able to offer this low flow technology, which keeps water usage to a minimum, while still offering outstanding cleaning performance.

Pay close attention to tank size as well.  If you are going to use the equipment more than once a day, it will save quite a bit of time to get a unit with a larger tank capacity.  Ideally, you want to have a large tank.  The larger the tanks, the less frequently you will have to discard from the recovery tank.

Another consideration is the length of the hoses.  Longer hoses mean greater flexibility in maneuvering the interior of a vehicle, meaning more time can be devoted to detailing interiors, and less time has to be spent moving the cleaner around. 

The best carpet cleaners have a combination of built in heaters with adjustable temperatures, the low flow option, a large tank size, and a hose sufficient to meet your needs.  Also, check to see if there are any optional wands available.

For anyone who is looking to start or expand an auto detailing business, your best investment is a high quality commercial grade automobile upholstery cleaner.  A high end reliable and powerful car upholstery cleaning machine makes the job less of a chore, and can increase the number of cars you can detail in a day.  The importance of quality cannot be overlooked.

These machines are not just for car washes.  Car dealerships can benefit from having car steam cleaners available to them.  After a customer test drives a vehicle, there may be a need to clean it out before returning it to the sales lot.  Having the equipment there will save you a call to the mobile detailers, and have your car back on the sales lot, typically in less than a few hours.

Modern car detailing tools and equipment include a host of features that make the job of detailing cars less of a chore.  Investing in the right equipment will increase your productivity, and in the end you will have better results.  Have an edge up on your competition by having the right equipment to get the job done well, and impress your customers by getting the job done quickly.  Choosing the right car steam cleaner will deliver great results, and that makes for happy customers.

When you get a high quality car detailing machine, you are ensuring yourself a solid, reliable way to get your job done in a timely manner, while delivering exceptional results to your customers.  No one likes a dirty car, and, with the right equipment, you can ensure that your customers will not only be happy, but will be likely to refer you to their friends, neighbors, or co-workers.


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