October 27, 2015

Car Wash (Steam)

125835741_xlWashing a car is always a great experience. Not only is it sanitary, it gives you that ‘brand new’ feeling all over again. There is definitely something to be said for watching your car come out the other side of a cleaning, shining, sparkling, and ready to be driven once again. Sometimes, however, you need to take your cleaning to the next level, and with good reason.

One of the biggest problems with any type of vehicle is the interior, as you have probably figured out by now. For the sake of aesthetics most vehicles utilize carpet on the floorboards, and with that being the case, they suffer from many of the same problems that the typical house might have. The only problem, is that none of the problems these carpets face are going to be considered typical.

If you think about it, you are driving a car through a number of different environments whether it is an office parking lot, a busy freeway, or even the back woods of West Virginia. All of that in and out in your vehicle is going to take a toll on the carpet, and we’re not even talking about the contamination that could be caused by opening the vents. All in all, you need to keep your carpet clean.

The Dangers of Dirty Carpet

For once, not cleaning something properly can have some serious detriment, as you will quickly discover. First of all, dirty carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria, meaning anyone exposed as the potential for becoming ill. Now you must understand that this potential raises tenfold whenever you have a passenger that suffers from any type of allergy. It can quickly become a deadly situation, and with that being the case, steam cleaning becomes the one solution you need to start researching.

Steam Cleaning and You

So what effect does steam cleaning have on the situation? There are several benefits to steam cleaning that most people do not realize, but it does require an understanding of how dirt and dust works. First of all, dirt, dust, and grime are actually adhesives, and carpet tends to love them. What does that mean exactly? It means that dirt sticks, and it’s not a good thing. Getting it out immediately using a vacuum is always helpful, but that is also not always possible. That being the case, you need to take your cleaning game to the next level.

Steam cleaning is an alternative to vacuuming that you should absolutely consider for a few reasons. First of all it will release hot steam into the carpet, penetrating deep into the pores. Once this is done, the dirt will become loosened, ultimately allowing it to be swept up by normal means once it has been brought to the surface. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to steam cleaning! Now on that note, there are several types of steam cleaning units on the market.

There are some that use shampoo, and there are others that rely solely on the advent of steam. Either way, once you get that excess dirt out of the carpet you will notice that it looks less stained, and it might even begin to return to its original color. This is a great way for you to feel better about your car, and it won’t be long before you start considering the use of a steam cleaner every single time.

There are obviously several different types of steam cleaners on the market, some are intended for large jobs, and some, not so much. That being said, you need to look at your vehicle and determine whether it is a big job, or a small job. In addition to that you should consider whether or not you are planning to clean multiple vehicles at the same time.

You have a choice between electric powered steam cleaners or gas powered steam cleaners, so always take your environment into account before you make that choice. If you are cleaning indoors, for example, you might want to consider electric so as to bypass the potential for fumes that might be considered harmful to you or anyone else that happens to be with you. Once you figure this out, you will be ready to start your cleaning adventure, ultimately creating yourself a great new aesthetic for the car that you love to drive. It might take some work, but these steam cleaners definitely help to make the job a lot easier than ever before.


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