January 07, 2015

Clean Cars with Less Moisture

Car Detailing EquipmentReally cleaning the interior of a car is essential if you plan to sell a vehicle or if you sell cleaning services as part of your business. Getting the right industrial car detailing equipment can help make your job easier and more thorough. Getting a vehicle clean is especially important if the car or truck is used for industrial purposes. Whether you are using car detailing tools and equipment for a personal vehicle or business vehicle, you can save time by using an industrial strength cleaner!

Let us help you get the right equipment for your needs. You can buy professional detailing equipment for sale online at your convenience. Our professional grade machines are small enough to store in any garage. Whether you have a professional business or you want a more convenient way to clean your own car, we can help.

Low Moisture is Better for your Car

Our low moisture options clean the interior and exterior of vehicles with high temperatures and high pressure. This ensures that the vehicle is properly cleaned without leaving excess moisture that could cause the build-up of mold.

If you use too much water on your car, the padding beneath the covering on your seat will soak up the water. Not only will this take longer to dry, it could cause mold and bacterial to develop. Too much water around buttons and cracks could cause damage as well. Using our low-moisture car detail equipment will allow the vehicle you are detailing to clean properly without risking damage.

The interior of the car will tell you how the car should be cleaned. Leather seats will need different attention than vinyl or cloth seats. Our mobile car detailing equipment takes different styles into account. Get the best clean with our professional-grade products.

Only use Steam Cleaners on the Surface

We offer a variety of professional car detailing equipment including the KleenJet Supreme which offers a powerful steam clean for the interior of the car. The high-pressure cleaner emits stem up to 115 PSI. The steam will held remove dirt, grime and dust from even the most stubborn dirt, grime and build up.

This mobile car wash equipment is designed to clean the surface of the car, not carpets or seats. While the pressure is enough to remove build up from hard services, it’s not quite hard enough to thoroughly clean carpets and seats. The design of this particular cleaner allows you to clean and wipe at the same time, saving your precious time and resulting in a thorough cleaning.

Get the Best Clean with Commercial Equipment

Detailing a car can take hours, if you rely on rags and brushes, you’ll get less work done in more time. Additionally, relying on heavy equipment to clean vehicles requires more storage space and gives you less flexibility. Our mobile car wash equipment for sale makes it easy to get the best clean possible without spending hours of time scrubbing in between small areas with a toothbrush.

Our car wash mobile equipment is light enough to transport and easy to store. These light-weight, but effective commercial grade machines make it much easier to get the job done. When you don’t have to worry about devoting hours of time to cleaning your car, you’re more likely to keep up with it. The high pressure washer offers the cleaning power of a professional service.  Temperatures in our low-moisture cleaners get hot enough to eliminate bacteria and grime, so you can enjoy a clean, healthy car.

Don’t forget the outside

The outside of your car is what most people will see. Keeping the outside of your car clean not only offers a good first impression, it helps your paint last longer. Properly cleaning the outside of your car will prevent rust and build up. Our portable machines can ensure that the dirt and grime are removed from even the smallest groves. Clean your bumpers, wheel wells, body and groves with the high-powered pressure washer that removes dirt without damaging your car. Let us help you get your car as clean as it was the day it left the lot, with industrial grade portable cleaners.

Buy your mobile car was equipment online

Most of us don’t have time to head to a dozen different stores to find the right cleaning equipment. You can get mobile car wash equipment for sale online. Our website offers a thorough catalog of all of our equipment including everything you need to know about each item. You can save hours of time by shopping for professional car wash equipment online. Shop when it’s convenient for you. That means you can nab the perfect cleaner at lunch time or even while you are lounging on the couch at home. We’ll ship your new professional cleaner to you!

At Daimer Industries we want to make your job as easy as possible. Our globally-recognized company creates and ships advanced cleaners worldwide. Our products are all created in the United States. The original rugged vapor steam cleaner company, we offer over 700 models for cleaning.  Let us help you get the clean you want with our top-of-the-line machines.

To learn more about our company or the products we sell, visit our website. You can contact customer support for more details on the availability or customization of specific products. Call us today and get started on the road to a cleaner car. Our advanced technology is guaranteed to help you get the highest quality clean possible. 


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