January 16, 2016

How to Choose the Best Car Detailing Equipment

Car Detailing EquipmentCar detailing involves a lot more effort and equipment than people realize.  It is also much more labor-intensive than it seems. Completely cleaning and detailing a car means eliminating things such as hardened dirt, salt, squashed bugs, bird “presents”, and other environmental leftovers from the surface.  This can mean hours of scrubbing and using harsh chemicals. Detailing the interior of a car can be exhausting and overwhelming. Just vacuuming the carpets and upholstery will not remove stains, spills, or odors that have resulted from food, beverages, cigarettes, or hundreds of other damaging substances. The most effective and efficient way to completely detail a car is to purchase high-quality products like steam pressure washers and carpet cleaners. Daimer is proud to offer car detailing equipment such as carpet extractors, interior hard surface steamers, and exterior car steamers.

Exterior Cleaners

Car steam cleaners that double as pressure washers combine the best of both worlds to effectively clean the exterior of your car. Traditional steam cleaners don’t feature the pressure levels needed for thorough detailing jobs. Typical pressure cleaners come with extremely high pressure levels that can seriously damage vehicle exteriors. The compromise can be found in steam pressure washers that offer moderate pressure levels combined with the cleaning power of wet steam. The best devices feature pressure levels at or below 1500 psi for optimal cleaning without causing damage and steam temperatures can reach up to 250 F to dissolve even the toughest of exterior deposits. This mobile car detailing equipment is also great for melting snow and ice I winter weather.

Daimer is proud to offer eight models of exterior car steamers that not only provide optimal steam temperatures and pressure levels, they also feature low flow rates to conserve rather than waste water. This detailing method also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or detergents. Daimer’s exterior steamers allow you to completely clean your car using a “green” method that is better for your vehicle, your health, and the environment. These steamers also come on wheels for maximum mobility and ease of use.  This is a very beneficial feature for anyone who is looking to run a mobile detailing business as Daimer’s steamers are great to use while on the move. In fact our compact KleenJet Supreme 3000CV offers the highest pressure and temperature levels in the industry with up to 115 psi of pressure and a toasty top steam temperature of 364 F. 

Interior Cleaning 

While most car owners do try to regularly vacuum vehicle interiors this only helps to remove debris from upholstery and carpets. Vacuuming does not life stains and grime as only a steam cleaner designed for interior detailing will get this job done.  Top manufacturers offer not only mobile interior vacuums but devices that double as vacuums and heated steam cleaners for intense detailing of vehicle interiors. Most of these items utilize low flow technology to use minimal water but still get maximum results.  This low water consumption results in faster dry times and the cleaning power of these machines can leave interiors clean, dry, and refreshed in as little as two hours.  Simply put, you get exceptional results in a fraction of the time with these advanced technologies.

Daimer offers five interior cleaners including non-heated options.  These powerful cleaning machines are specifically designed for interior auto detailing applications and deliver temperatures of up to 210 F.  The optional wands for each cleaners include solutions for stairs and even jet carpet cleaners.  Like Daimer’s exterior cleaners, all of our interior cleaners can be used for residential or commercial use.  We are pleased to offer our customers the best steam vacuum carpet cleaners available. 

Building a Business

Daimer’s car detailing tools and equipment are a great way for entrepreneurs to build a successful business with our fine products.  A mobile detailing business allows owners to be on the move to look for clients, choose only the essential equipment, and have very low expenditures.  To start such a business one only needs to learn the basics, obtain the required permits and insurance, procure a vehicle or trailer, and choose the right equipment for the services you provide.  Daimer is known for its technologically advanced detailing equipment which helps to create confidence among customers. We even offer special leasing and financing programs to help first-time entrepreneurs acquire our equipment in order to establish their business.

The equipment you decide to purchase will help you to determine your price range which should cover your services, vehicle, travel, and leave you with the necessary profits to run a successful business.  When you begin to market your company, stating that you use Daimer tools will definitely make an impact and let people know you want to deliver exceptional results.  Being mobile also means that you can go to customers instead of them having to go to you.  This is particularly beneficial in rural areas, suburbs, industrial areas, and even for exotic car owners who want to keep their expensive vehicles off the road as much as possible.  With exterior steam pressure washers you can even expand your services to mobile snow and ice melting, something that would probably be greatly appreciated in severe winter climates.

Whether you are a hobbyist, dealership, or make your living with a mobile detailing service, Daimer has an ideal solution for you.  Details on our fine products can be found at www.daimer.com/auto-detailing/


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