October 24, 2015

Truck And Trailer Washing Equipment

125837035_xlIn any industry, trucks are present. They are used to move products from place to place, they are absolutely necessary. The problem however is that just as with any other type of vehicle they get dirty, but there is more area to clean than with a normal car. You can’t take a truck through a car wash, that’s for sure, but you know that you need to make it look presentable. After all, a truck is literally a rolling representative of your brand, and that’s not something you want to find yourself messing around with. You need to look clean, you need to look presentable, and you need to look good all the time. In addition to that, dust, dirt, grime, and mud can tear away at the paint, strip away the coating on the hubcaps, and do all other manner of nasty things to the truck, which is why you need to make sure you’re washing it properly.

If you are approaching your tricks with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water, there is a good chance you’ve realized just how futile it is. This is not something you want to do, and even if you could, you would need to assign several dozen people to perform the cleaning process. That being said, you need to find a quicker way to get it done, and there is no better way than using a pressure washer. Remember, regulations call for trucks to be cleaned to a very specific standard, and for that reason there are a ton of different truck washing companies out there, all of which are designed to give you the best possible result. If you want to do it yourself, however, here is a quick guide to picking out the right pressure washer.

Picking out the right Pressure Washer

When you are in the market for a pressure washer you need to take the following into account:

  • Pressure How hard is the water, in other words? The amount of pressure you need will often depend upon the type of dirt and debris that needs to be removed from the truck. In other words, it all depends on what you are using it for.

  • Tank Capacity The capacity of the tank will determine how long you can continue cleaning without a refill. If your device has a heating element, then this will be affected as it can take time to heat the water between fillings.

  • Heating Element This controls whether or not the system is properly heated and if you have hot water at all. Consider buying a pressure washer with a heating element as this will determine whether or not you can kill bacteria among other things.

Because you are primarily working outdoors when cleaning trucks it is strongly recommended that you always choose a power washer that uses a gas powered motor, whether it is diesel or gasoline. Not only will this be  more portable (you’ll need it to get around the truck) it will also allow for far more pressure. That being said, you have a lot of things to choose, and an whole truck waiting for your decision.

Truck Interiors

To be absolutely clear, you cannot power wash your truck interior. There is far too much sensitive electronic equipment in the cockpit, and with that being the case, washing your interior should be handled with a steam cleaner for the:

  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Dashboards
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Etc

It is, as always, strongly recommended that you use a dry steam cleaner to get the job done, and this is why it is critical for you to purchase a device that comes with a steam wand. The more specialized truck cleaning equipment essentially has everything you need to get started, and though it might be more expensive than the typical pressure washing equipment, it will definitely save you money in the long run. This is money on manpower, time, etc. Remember, the more you can do in one shot, the more money you are going to save.

If you want to save money while keeping everything clean, then now would be a great time to start looking at our product line and seeing which of these fine cleaners are best for you. It won’t be long before you’re saving money, keeping clean, and being the best trucking company on the road. All it takes is a little bit of water and a great product to back it all up.


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