February 01, 2016

Why a Steam Cleaner is Necessary in Car Detailing Equipment

Car Detailing EquipmentEveryone wants their cars to look new, clean, and attractive at all times. Yet, keeping a car clean and well maintained can be a tricky thing to do. This is why many people choose to get their cars professionally detailed, inside and out. Yet even for professionals ordinary car washing machines do not provide the efficient and quick cleaning results professional technicians’ desire. This is why a steam cleaner is necessary in car detailing equipment. Learn more about Diamer’s equipment and why their technological advances will make your business flourish.

Why are Specialized Car Detailing Tools and Equipment so Important?

The use of specialized car detailing tools and equipment is important to achieve superior cleaning results. The auto industry has made some serious advances over the years in the use of car detailing equipment. Car cleaning professionals have a preference for using top quality auto detailing equipment so they may provide their clients with finer cleaning results in the shortest amount of time.

Thankfully, car detailing equipment manufacturers, such as Diamer Industries, have listened to the needs of the industry and have introduced technological advancements to the marketplace that provide qualitatively superior cleaning systems that make car cleaning easy for the operators. Specialized car detailing tools and equipment have been designed to clean all types of automobile surfaces, from the undercarriage and tire wheels to the interior upholstery, with superior cleaning features.

The Advantages of Using Diamer’s Professional Car Detailing Equipment

The cleansing of a car’s exterior poses a huge challenge to car detailing professionals. Their struggle is made real by the grime made up from, mud, dirt, salt, oil, and grease deposits on the car’s body, tires, engine, and undercarriage. Today’s professional car detailing equipment, such as Diamer’s top quality pressure washing systems with steam, have the features needed for cleaning tough external car surfaces.

Our technologically advanced car detailing equipment systems offer many benefits to car wash business owners. The machines we provide come with industry leading features such as low flow rates and moderate pressure levels, which help operators clean the car’s exteriors in record time with top notch performance. Furthermore, our low flow rates minimize drying times and therefore save time.

Conversely, cleaning an engine and or tires pose a different kind of challenge because they become coated with tough grease and mud. Trying to clean the engine or tires with cold water pressure washers is counterproductive because the cold cannot remove the dirt or grime back to like new levels. High heat is required, such as with a car steam cleaner, to cleanse these parts of the exterior.

Car Steam Cleaner Technology That Affords Car Detailing Professionals Greater Power

Diamer’s car detailing equipment with high temperature hot water and steam output can make removal of grease, oil, salt, and stubborn dirt marks a breeze. The high temperature steam easily softens and dissolves grease and oil which makes their removal an effortless task. Our car steam cleaners also come in handy for frost and ice removal from car engines and other parts without causing any damage to these sensitive car parts.

Our car steam cleaners with low flow rates and moderate pressure levels are acknowledged by automobile experts as the best car detailing equipment on the market today. This is because they reduce cleaning times but not the cleaning power. They reserve enough water to be eco-friendly without scrimping on efficiency. These car detailing machines with the advanced low flow feature are ideally suited for locations where there are restrictions on water use, drainage issues, or problems of runoff.

Check out this video of our super Max Mobile Steam Car Wash to see for yourself the advantages of our professional car detailing equipment.

Reduced Drying Times With Diamer’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Machines Ensure Faster Cleaning

Steam cleaners are popular for cleaning car exteriors because they feature high steam temperatures that easily lodge, loosen, and dissolve the toughest deposits with ease and without scrubbing. However, our steam car detailing equipment is also ideal for upholstery and carpet cleaning within the car’s interiors. Our best steam cleaner systems make for impressive car upholstery cleaning machines because drying times become drastically reduced—which allows car detailing professionals to service more cars. Clients will be able to take home their cars within two hours at the most—which makes them rather happy.

We at Diamer Industries are proud to say that our car detailing equipment scores much higher than our competitors in various performance parameters. Our professional detailing equipment for sale online is designed to provide reliable and quality results in both interior and exterior cleaning of automobiles. We offer many patented technologies that make the job more simple and convenient for operators because we provide various tools and accessories to help them finish the job. There is simply no comparable product on the market with the cleaning power, efficiency, and productivity as our professional car detailing equipment.


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