Steam Car Wash Equipment for Exterior Cleaning

Steam Car Wash Equipment for Exterior Cleaning
6 Steam Car Wash Equipment for Exterior Cleaning
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WET STEAM PRESSURE WASHERS:  Wet Steam Pressure Washers are basically power washers with heating coils that utilize a fuel based (propane/diesel etc..) burner to generate tremendous heat for increased cleaning power.  These units can effectively and quickly clean and degrease, but use water in the process.  All such units are available in any electrical specification (220V/50Hz for example). The unit we recommend to cleaning the exteriors of cars is the Super Max 7000 SCW, which uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute.  Product specifications and a video may be viewed below.

VAPOR STEAM CLEANERS!:  These  can be used to clean the inside and outside of the car; however, they are best suited for interior hard surfaces only.  They can be used to clean the exterior of the car, but there is not enough force to blast the surface clean.  Therefore, cleaning is still done by hand.  Some users accept this because of the low water usage.  These are also incapable of deep cleaning fabric and upholstery surfaces because they do not generate enough moisture.  They can clean the surface of the upholstery or carpets, but will not get them as clean as a proper extractor.  If you plan to use a Vapor Steam Cleaner for exterior cleaning you do need a model capable of producing a high volume of steam.  This would be the Supreme 3000CVP or Ultra 5000CVP listed below.

Auto Car Wash Equipment Can Make Your Car Exteriors Look Brand New Again

Car detailing steamers are specialized steam cleaning machines designed exclusively to meet the various challenges of the auto detailing industry. It is a great tool to get rid of dirt, mud, and muck from your car without causing any damage to the surface or components. Generally, auto detailing is labor intense and can be physically stressful, if you don’t have access to the right tools. With the best auto detailing steamer, you can get rid of even the toughest of dirt buildup and deposits without having to resort to scrubbing and mopping.

Why Use Latest Car Wash Equipment with Advanced Features?

Conventional cleaning systems cannot produce the kind of cleaning results needed to keep your car exterior spotlessly clean. Exposure to extreme weather and road hazards like mud, dirt, salt, and sand can affect the car's exterior, making it look dull. Cleaning with a hose pipe with some detergent thrown in is not recommended, as scrubbing can cause scratches and harsh detergents may cause color discoloration.

Using steamers for car exterior is a smart thing to do because:

  • They provide excellent results with minimal effort.
  • Car detail steamer can remove tough and unyielding stains effortlessly, as the high steam temperature dissolves and removes the buildup without any manual effort.
  • Automotive steamer uses less amount of water and hence cleans faster. There are no messy residuals to take care of after the wash, which can otherwise damage the car exterior surface.
  • You do not have to use expensive cleaning solutions, as advanced steamers for car washing can easily remove all types of dirt and grime.

How Auto Detail Steamers Work?

Auto detail steamer is the best way to clean car exteriors and preferred by auto detailing specialists because they can melt and dissolve the toughest of deposits and dirt that can quickly build up on car’s exteriors. These powerful car exterior steam car wash machines work by emitting high temperature steam that contains very little quantity of water.

Professional car wash equipment work faster, as the high temperature steam quickly dislodges and dissolves dirt and grime. Cleaning is done faster and more efficiently with auto detailing steamers, as they use less water and operators are not required to deal with residual dirt.

What Areas Can Be Cleaned with Steam Cleaners?

Portable steamers for car wash are preferred for exterior car washing because the high temperature vapor steam is capable of melting away various types of dirt that a car’s surface attracts like grease, sap, bird splatters, dirt, and mud that may be difficult to get rid of with cold water pressure washers.

Auto detailing steamer can be used to clean car’s exterior body, paint, wheels, door handles, and engines. Steamers for car cleaning can also be used to remove hardened mud deposits and grime from wheels.

Why Daimer is the Best?

Daimer® offers the best car wash equipment for car wash business and are extensively used by auto detailing business owners to provide their clients high-quality cleaning of their car’s exteriors. Daimer®’s auto detailing steamers come with stainless steel heating coils, powder coated steel housing, and advanced features to provide operators a great car exterior cleaning experience. Make sure you buy car exterior cleaning machine which has the right specifications to meet the specific needs of your car detailing business.

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