Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration
2 Water Damage Restoration
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Dealing With the Aftermath of Flood and Hurricane Damages with Powerful Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Water damage caused by flood, hurricane, and fury of mother nature can cause untold damage to your home and household equipment. It is best to be prepared for such disasters at all times so that the damage can be repaired and your home and commercial facility gets restored to its old shape and order. One of the ways to make sure water damage does not cause colossal losses to home and property is to invest in effective water removal equipment.

The Most Effective Water Restoration Equipment

The XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor from Daimer® is a powerful water damage restoration equipment, designed to restore the condition of areas affected by flood and water accumulation in your home and office. The water restoration equipment is compact but packs in a veritable punch and can handle sludge, water, and debris up to 1/2" in diameter effortlessly. Water damage restoration becomes faster and easy to handle with these uniquely designed water removal machines.

The XTreme Power®11500SE is the favorite water removal equipment of professional cleaners who provide water damage cleaning services in the aftermath of hurricanes and flood or other such natural calamities that leave your home literally upside down. The well designed and solidly constructed water damage restoration machine is the perfect way to get your home or business in shape quickly.

Water Damage Restoration: The Daimer® Way

The XTreme Power® 11500SE is the preferred water damage restoration equipment because it is equipped to handle water damage restoration tasks effortlessly. The water restoration equipment is powered by two three-stage vacuum motors and is capable of removing water/sludge at an amazing rate of 30 gallons per minute.

Water extraction machines from Daimer® meet the challenging demands of the task and come out with flying colors. The 11500SE has a 10 gallon recovery chamber that allows for collection of sludge and waste. The 50 dump hose is a thoughtfully provided feature in this water restoration equipment for the easy and continuous removal of water or sludge into a legal drain.

Water removal machines, such as the powerful 11500SE sludge extractor, come with a 12" squeegee wand for hassle-free sludge extraction without stretching the physical limits of the operator. It helps in easy collection and cleaning up of smaller quantities of sludge. If you are confronted with larger quantities, all you have to do is remove the squeegee wand and submerge the vacuum hose in the water or sludge. This is undoubtedly the best way of ensuring water damage restoration, quickly and without having to deal with the physical stress that is generally associated with the task.

Powerful Water Extraction Machines for Faster Action

Daimer® cleaning machines are popular due to their versatility as they are designed to handle a variety of cleaning tasks, both commercial and residential. The XTreme Power®11500SE is ideal for construction sites that require removal of debris laden sludge in large quantities and at frequent intervals. They are also perfect for sewage extraction, water restoration, and cleaning up damage caused by flood and hurricane. The powerful machine is capable of draining an entire pool of sludge within no time. No wonder, the 11500SE is the first choice of industry where water or sludge removal equipment finds regular application.

Daimer® also offers hot water extraction machines for removing stubborn dirt removal after the sludge and water have been removed. The popular extraction machines are housed in a heavy duty composite fiber, which at 90 lbs is truly compact and can be used for flood damage restoration or sewage extraction. You can learn more about this amazing machine by visiting Daimer® website.

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