Hot Water and Steam Pressure Washers

Hot Water and Steam Pressure Washers
24 Hot Water and Steam Pressure Washers
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Hot Water and Steam Pressure Washers

Hot Water Steam Pressure Washers

Daimer®'s line of Super Max™ multi-function pressure washers can act independently as steam, cold, and hot pressure washers, with varying temperature options to match applications with varying degrees of difficulty. Hot water pressure washers or hot pressure washers are ideal for demanding industrial or commercial applications that require additional power not afforded by cold water units. Also called heated high pressure washer machines, these hot water pressure washers allow users to dissolve stubborn substances with heat while cleaning at high pressure levels capable of dissolving away even the toughest, stuck-on substances.

When it comes to challenging industrial applications, two things are needed: high temperatures and power. These hot water pressure washers achieve tremendous heated temperatures of 210ºF. More importantly, the power afforded by the high pressure levels featured on many of Daimer®'s hot water pressure washers is second to none. In fact, the pressure levels of these hot pressure washers can reach astounding levels of 3000 psi. Combine this with ultra-high flow rates up to 5 GPM, and our customers can reap the benefits of owning the most powerful and effective hot water pressure washers on the market.

Grease, oil, grime, dirt, food residues, and more can build up on a host of industrial and commercial surfaces, like equipment, concrete, flooring, brick, stainless steel, stone, food manufacturing and service equipment, conveyor belts, and more. While these diverse and taxing applications require slightly different pressure washing capabilities, they can all be easily taken care of with one unit, Daimer®'s Super Max™ combination pressure washing machines. These machines are gentle enough for delicate surfaces or powerful enough to handle the most challenging application when used as steam or hot pressure washers.

Superior Cleaning At Your Fingertips With Advanced Steam Cleaning Machines From Daimer

If you are looking for advanced hot water pressure washers for your commercial and industrial cleaning needs, you don’t have to look beyond Daimer®. The world’s leading retailer of a variety of technologically-superior and customer-friendly cleaning machines has the best line hot pressure washers with features specifically designed to take care of all types of tough cleaning challenges.

Hot Water Pressure Washer for Faster Cleaning of Hard Surfaces

Daimer®’s hot water pressure washer systems can function independently as a steam pressure cleaner, cold pressure washer, and hot pressure washer. This unique feature makes it easy for operators to tune the machine to match their specific cleaning needs. The powerful performance from this hot water pressure washer can help in dissolving even some of the most stubborn of stains in the quickest possible time and with minimal manual effort.

The Advantages of Using a Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

Ordinary cleaning systems offer just cold water cleaning features, which may not be capable of removing tough, unyielding buildup. Hot water pressure washers from Daimer® can help cleaning professionals manage their tasks better. These hot pressure washers offer:

  • Temperatures of up to 330°F
  • High pressure level that can reach as high as 4000 PSI
  • High flow rate of 5 GPM and even hiigher

These hot water power washers can deliver stunning cleaning results even when the cleaning challenges are unusually tough in some commercial facilities.

Daimer®’s hot water pressure washers are designed to remove a host of tough stains generally caused by grease, oil, food matter, and residues, and the usual dirt and grime accumulation on various types of surfaces. These hot water power washer systems can be used to clean substances from hard floor, concrete surfaces, stainless steel, stone structures, food manufacturing equipment, and others.

Steam Pressure Washer: The Ultimate Cleaning System

Daimer®'s wet steam power washers, such as the Super Max™ 7000, are held in awe by cleaning contractors because these machines deliver superior performance with their powerful cleaning action and enhanced features. The 7000 steam pressure cleaners use significantly low quantities of water, relying instead on the high temperature to knock away even the most stubborn of stains and grime from various surfaces.

Why Use a Steam Pressure Washer Machine?

The Super Max™ 7000 generates a pressure level of 1000 PSI at an impressive flow rate of 2.5 GPM. The tough cleaning system also delivers the industry’s highest steam temperature that can reach up to 330°F to clean surfaces super efficiently. The low water usage of this steam power cleaner makes it the first choice of professional cleaners for use in locations where drainage systems are not well-developed or where water is a scarce resource.

Steam pressure cleaners, such as the Super Max™ 9000, are designed for those cleaning applications where the highest steam temperature is not a critical factor for cleaning, but more pressure is required. This advanced cleaning machine can work as a powerful pressure washer with its high pressure of 1500 PSI and a flow rate of 2.8 GPM.

Another steam pressure washer that is a favorite among cleaning professionals is the Super Max™ 10880. It is regarded as one of the best among top steam pressure washers available because:

  • It generates steam temperature of up to 330°F, the highest in the industry.
  • It is oil heated and gasoline-powered steam pressure washer
  • It has a superior gasoline engine designed to meet the latest EPA lower emission standards.

The advanced steam power washer from Daimer® generates 3500 PSI pressure at a flow rate of 4 GPM to meet the toughest cleaning challenges in most commercial and industrial facilities.

The Super Max™ line of steam pressure washers has proven to be superior to the conventional hot pressure cleaner systems available on the market on various aspects. While a hot water pressure washer can do better than non-heated cleaning systems, the power of steam takes the performance of a steam pressure wash system to a different level altogether. Daimer®’s steam pressure washers are available in various configurations, features, and designs to match the specific cleaning requirements of various industries.

Daimer hot water steam pressure washers
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