Electric Pressure Washers

Vapor-Flow 7475 Electric Pressure Washing Unit
Price: $7,800.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7475 is an international pressure washing model that uses electricity for powering up and heating. It is preferred by operators for diverse commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

  • The durable pressure wash system generates a pressure level of 117 bar and a flow rate of 2.3 LPM. The machine supports temperature levels of 79.4°C.
  • A heavy duty 2.0 HP motor is included with the machine.
  • The standard power voltage used is 220V-240V, three phase, 50Hz / 440V, three phase 50 Hz. Optional power ratings are available too.

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Vapor-Flow 7650 Stationary Power Washer Equipment
Price: $8,056.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7650 is international stationary pressure washer equipment that is heated and powered by electricity. The powerful electric pressure cleaner offers hot and cold water options for meeting various cleaning needs in commercial and industrial facilities.

  • The cleaning system offers a pressure level of 130 bar and a flow rate of 3.8 LPM. Hot water temperatures can reach a high of 79.4°C.
  • A powerful 2.0 HP heavy duty motor drives the system.
  • Standard power method: 440V, three phase, 50Hz. Customers can also order other configurations.

Vapor-Flow 7960 Electric Power Cleaning System
Price: $15,064.00

The Vapor-Flo® 7960 is an electric power cleaning system that is ideal for a variety of tough industrial cleaning applications. It offers hot and cold water temperature options to cover a range of cleaning tasks.

  • The powerful pressure wash system generates a pressure level of 150 bar and offers a flow rate of 7.6 LPM for the removal of tough and stubborn deposits. Temperatures can reach a high of 96.1°C in as little as 20 seconds.
  • A power-packed, heavy duty 4.0 HP motor enables the machine to deliver top results even in highly demanding industrial cleaning applications.
  • Standard power voltage: 440V, three phase, 60Hz. Optional power ratings are also available.

Vapor-Flow 8210 Electric Pressure Washer
Price: $7,742.00

The Vapor-Flo® 8210 is a mobile, all electric pressure wash machine with hot and cold water temperature options.

  • The 8210 offers a pressure level of 1700 PSI, hot water temperature of up to 205°F, and a low flow rate of 0.4 GPM.
  • The system's heavy duty 1.0 HP motor is designed to deliver excellent results while handling tough cleaning tasks.
  • Standard power method: 220V-240V, single phase, 60Hz. Optional power configuration: 220V-240V, single phase, 50Hz. 400-480V is also available. Other ratings can also be requested.

Vapor-Flow 8550 Electric Mobile Pressure Washer
Price: $8,056.00

The Vapor-Flo® 8550 is a powerful, mobile pressure washer that is powered and heated by electricity.

  • The 8550 offers an impressive pressure level of 1880 PSI, flow rate of 1.0 GPM, and hot water temperature of 175°F.
  • The machine is powered by a heavy duty 2.0 HP motor.
  • Standard power method is 440V, three phase, 60 Hz. Optional power configurations available include 400V three phase, 50Hz ; 480V, three phase 60 Hz; and more.

Vapor-Flow 8910 Electricity Powered Pressure Cleaner
Price: $11,640.00

The Vapor-Flo® 8910 is a fully electricity powered and heated pressure cleaner that offers both hot and cold temperature options for wider cleaning applications.

  • The system offers a high pressure level of 2030 PSI, a flow rate of 1.4 GPM, and hot water temperature levels reaching 205°F.
  • The 8910 comes with a heavy duty 3.0 HP motor.
  • The standard power method available is 440V, three phase, 60 Hz. Optional voltages of 400V, three phase, 50Hz / 480V, three phase 60 Hz are also available. Others can also be ordered.

Commercial / Industrial Grade
Vapor-Flow 8970 Electric Pressure Cleaning System
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Vapor-Flo 8970 Electric Pressure Washer
(product #125836127)
Price: $15,064.00
Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Vapor-Flo® 8970 is a completely electric pressure cleaning system designed for commercial and industrial cleaning needs. This electric pressure washer offers a cold water cleaning option for lighter cleaning applications and hot water for tough tasks.

  • The model offers a high pressure level of 2175 PSI and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. It supports hot water temperature levels as high as 175.
  • A heavy duty 4.0 HP motor powers the 8970.
  • A standard power configuration of 440V, three phase, 60 Hz is included along with optional power ratings of 400V, three phase, 50Hz/480V, three phase 60Hz; and more.

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Powerful Heated Electric Pressure Washers

At Daimer, we recognize the importance of streamlining cleaning processes in a variety of business applications. Commercial and industrial customers count on us to deliver state-of-the-art, yet user-friendly solutions built to perform and last for years to come. For pressure washing equipment, in particular, many are on the lookout for a system that offers “plug-and-play” capability, feeding off onsite electricity rather than other sources of heat such as oil or natural gas. Sometimes, it’s for compliance and safety reasons, such as working in an area where the presence of alternative sources of heat could pose various risks. 

Our heated electric pressure washers are powerful, dependable machines that are both hassle-free to use and durable. Whether you need to clean food processing equipment or remove grease buildup on manufactured components they offer all the adjustability and flexibility needed to get the job done properly the first time around. Discover a deeper, more dependable solution, the Daimer way, with our wide selection of high-quality systems in a variety of configurations to suit more applications than ever. 

Why Go Electric?

Daimer offers business-grade, long-lasting pressure washers in steam and gas-fired configurations as well, but every customer is unique. As noted, some have compliance needs or specific preferences, while others simply are more comfortable with a fully electric alternative. Therefore, we’re excited to offer electric pressure washers that deliver great cleaning results.

Here are just a few reasons why investing in an electric pressure washer can make sense for your business:

  • Simply connect to your water supply, plug into an outlet, and get to work on blasting away dirt and grime. It’s that easy!
  • Even less noise while in operation, ensuring maintenance crews don’t end up disturbing other employees or visitors.
  • With no need to exhaust fumes, these machines are ideal for indoor cleaning jobs such as in retail stores, schools, and industrial complexes – just to name a few!
  • You can clean with hot and cold water in one handy, convenient system.
  • High-pressure levels and flow rates.
  • Generate hot water temperatures of up to 205°F, which helps in melting and removing even the most stubborn and unyielding grease and grime, often present in commercial and industrial facilities.

Electric Pressure Washer Features

  1. Adaptive to Your Cleaning

    Routine These machines can be used for simple cleaning tasks as part of a weekly or even daily routine, but that’s not all. They can also be brought in for heavier-duty jobs, such as blasting away rust stains and grease from metal surfaces. The ability to choose between hot and cold pressurized streams allows you to clean more surfaces, protecting those that are sensitive to heat while ensuring optimal results.
  2. Low-Flow and High Durability

    To us, less is more. The low-flow pumps present in many of our electric pressure washers help to conserve water. In addition, these systems are incredibly rugged.
  3. Multiple Pressure and Power Configurations

    Depending on your needs, you might prefer a model offering moderate pressure and smaller tank size to stay within your budget, which should be more than ideal for many use cases. Or, perhaps it’s time to invest in a high-capacity unit with more impressive PSI, higher hot water temperatures, and a heavy-duty motor. Whatever you need, Daimer likely has it with our wide variety of electric pressure washers available.

The Daimer Difference

  • Powerful, rugged, and long-lasting pressure washing equipment built for demanding applications
  • Global sales expertise
  • 220-600v, 50Hz models available for international customers
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support to ensure your unit is up and running for years and years. 
  • Product specialists to help identify the best model to suit your need, not more, not less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m unsure which pressure washer to order?

There are plenty of great options readily available for commercial and industrial clients, but sometimes making an informed purchase decision depends on the specifics of your environment. If you’re having a hard time deciding, feel free to reach out to us with details about your intended use and application, coverage area required, and any other important details – we’re happy to help you shop with confidence.

What other pressure washers does Daimer offer?

Alternatives to our electric heated units include wet steam pressure washers as well as gas-powered variants. For further details, consult our buyer’s guide or reach out to the Daimer team today.

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Electric Pressure Washers

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