Pressure Washers with Auto. Shutoff Technology™ (AST®)

Pressure Washers with Auto. Shutoff Technology™ (AST®)
21 Pressure Washers with Auto. Shutoff Technology™ (AST®)
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Pressure Washers with Auto. Shutoff Technology™ (AST®)

Pressure Washers with Automatic Shutoff Technology™

Electric Pressure Cleaning Systems with AST®

Looking for a machine that can clean, disinfect, sanitize, and dissolve deposits simply with high temperatures and pressure levels, and without the need to use any harmful detergents? The latest hot water pressure washers from Daimer® are considered as the ideal machines for the purpose. These machines, manufactured by the industry's most renowned provider of the advanced commercial pressure washer machines and other equipment, feature superior technologies for quick and effective cleaning. Powerful engines, high temperatures, high pressure levels, high flow rates, and modern engineering make these power washers perfect for virtually all types of industrial or commercial applications.

Power washer systems from the company can effortlessly clean grease, chewing gum, mildew, and mold from grout and tile, restaurant equipment, walls and floors, sidewalks, pavers, stone, brick, conveyor belts, concrete, walkways, and more surfaces.

These machines are available in various power and heating combinations, so you can choose one depending upon your requirements. Every machine has its own set of features. For example: Daimer® has a line of electric pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 6000 AST®, Super Max™ 8700 AST®, Super Max™ 12800 AST®, and Super Max™ 15400 AST®, that are equipped with its exclusive Automatic-Shutoff Technology® (AST®).

Working of AST™ in Power Washers

The proprietary system allows the operator to turn the system off and on simply from the gun, even if the machine is 100 feet away. The system turns off immediately, if left idle for over 30 seconds, and it can be turned on outright by pulling the trigger gun.

Importance of AST™ in Hot Water Pressure Washer Machines

  1. The technology reduces normal wear and tear by increasing the life of pumps and other parts
  2. Prevents overheating
  3. Saves time, as users do not need to move 100 feet to just turn off the system whenever they take a break while cleaning
  4. Improves productivity

Other Features of Daimer®'s Electric Commercial Pressure Washers

  1. Power washer machines that are powered by electricity and heated using propane or oil come with a tri-mode feature that allows them to be used independently as hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure cleaners, and steam power cleaning systems, as per the cleaning requirements.
  2. Electric pressure washer machines, such as the Super Max™ 8730 AST®, offer great portability, as these are trailer and wall mountable.
  3. Some of these electric pressure washers can also be purchased with optional wet sandblasting system and two gun operation. The Super Max™ 20000 AST® even includes three remote control stations, which allow up to three operators to use the machine simultaneously.
  4. The pressure level of these electric pressure washer systems can reach a high of 6500 PSI, temperature level up to 330°F, and flow rate as high as 8 GPM for robust cleaning. However, such high flow rate is available in cold water machines.
  5. Durable housing and fast heating are another important features that make these electric pressure washers suitable for commercial cleaning.
  6. The availability of siphon chemical infusion and high pressure injection further improve the cleaning power.

Electric pressure washer systems heated by propane are safe to use in food service industries or for indoor cleaning, however, when it comes to outdoor cleaning, gas pressure washer machines are your best bet. If these machines are to be used for indoor cleaning applications in some cases, then long hoses available with them serve that purpose too.

Be it electric power washers or gas pressure washer machines, Daimer® offers a host of options to choose from. Pick the one that matches well with your needs.

Daimer Pressure Washers
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