June 06, 2015

Daimer Super Max 7000SCW Vapor Steam Cleaner

Super Max 7000SCWWhen cleaning a car or truck, there are times when a simple vacuum cleaner simply just will not cut it. Designed for industrial and commercial use, the Super Max 7000SCW Vapor Steam Cleaner is made for power. Specifically designed for the cleaning of all areas around any type of automobile, the machine doubles as a portable steam cleaning unit. Because of its many design features, the 7000SCW model can make even the toughest of car detailing jobs that much easier. With an affordable price, flexible design that offers great portability, and the number of added accessories that come with the unit, car dealerships and body shops will especially benefit from this particular vapor steam cleaner.

To begin, users will note the powerful engine that comes in at 110-120 Volts and 60 Hz. It is powerful enough for international applications that involve auto detailing. The pressure is amazing for this particular model, comes in at up to 1000 psi, and with a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM, the unit allows for both efficient and low-flow cleaning of vehicles without causing potential harm to vehicle surfaces. The steam temperature for the Super Max 7000SCW is set at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it highly effective at removing dirt and grime from the hardest to reach areas of the vehicle, but safe enough to not damage either the vehicle of the user.

With this particular model, Daimer has built in a tri mode temperature technology that allows the machine to be used with either cold water, hot water, or as a wet steam pressure washer. This allows the user a variety of pressure washing applications that can be tailor made depending on the circumstances. Buying this particular unit affords users thae possibility of employing the steam cleaner in numerous types of situations, without having to worry about swapping out machines or parts. It is a time and money saver that will surely be appreciated.

Users that purchase the Super Max 7000SCW Vapor Steam Cleaner will find that they have a perfectly designed mobile car washing machine at their disposal. The unit can effectively remove dirt, mud, accumulated brake dust, bugs, salt from road cleaning operations, grease and oil build up, tree sap, and so much more. For those that live in cold weather environments, the Super Max 7000SCW can also melt ice and snow with ease.

There really is no comparison when matching this unit up against other types of pressure washers of dry steam cleaners. For one, most conventional pressure washers available on the market today waste and emit large volumes of wasted water, many of the up to 5 gallons per minute. Over the course of a week, particularly at a car dealership this really adds up, not just in terms of financial costs, but environmentally as well. In addition, many conventional pressure washers have pressures up to 3000psi, which can potentially harm delicate paint surfaces on a car or truck. As mentioned, the Super Max 7000SCW combines great cleaning power with only 1000 psi. On both accounts, the Super Max is a much better and efficient option.

Many dry steam cleaners on the market today fall short of the mark as well. Most make use of vapor that actually contains only 5% water. When this happens, constant wiping is required, which often leads to the scratching of the vehicle’s paint, in addition to becoming more labor intensive. In addition, many dry steam cleaners are not effective enough to remove substances that have hardened on the car or truck due to their lack of cleaning power.

Another feature that is deficient in many dry steam cleaners today is the fact that they only offer about 150 psi of pressure. Compare this to the 1000 psi that the Super Max 7000SCW mobile car washing unit comes equipped with and one can see that there really is no comparison. Finally, it is important to note that many conventional dry steam cleaners do lose much of their pressure and temperature with each passing minute that they are in use.  In contrast, the Super Max 7000SCW is able to effectively detail cars and trucks by maintaining a constant temperature and pressure throughout the duration of its use.

This particular unit come with a heavy duty 1.5 horse power motor, and requires a minimum generator size of 5000 watts. As mentioned, steam temperature can be set up to 250 degrees F, while hot water temperature comes in at 180 to 210 degrees. There is also a cold water temperature setting that user can utilize when necessary. The Super Max 7000SCW is powered by electricity and there is no gas or diesel option. Heating is done via propane, and 40 pound empty tank is provided with the unit.

The heater exchange coil is made of high-pressure stainless steel, and it is able to covert cold water to hot in just about 30 seconds. As the unit is power by electricity, it is designed for continuous use, which is particularly useful in large operations. Included with the unit is a 3 foot durable trigger wand that has a quick disconnect feature. The pressure hose is built to be a 25 foot high pressure steam hose, and there are additional and more customizable lengths available for purchase as well. The unit itself weighs in at 200 pounds, but is easily moved around on wheels.


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