July 16, 2015

The Benefits of a Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner - Xtreme Power HSC 14250

Xtreme Power HSC 14250No one likes dirt, and no one wants to spend hours trying to scrub tough stains away. For many business owners, it is simply impractical to have employees on scrubbing on their hands and knees. In high traffic areas, this would mean constantly cleaning to avoid dirt and grime buildup. Investing in a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner can help you save time cleaning and give you a more effective wash.

Many business owners choose the Xtreme Power HSC 14250 because it is a versatile hard surface cleaner with a lot to offer. It is a powerful heated cleaner with adjustable settings, allowing you to cut through grime on almost any surface.

Both business and home owners alike are learning just how powerful the Xtreme Power HSC 14250 can be. Learn more about how this fast, effective cleaner scrubs porous surfaces, concrete, tile, stone, rubber and more with ease.

Powerful, Multi-Surface Cleaning Power

One of the biggest benefits of the Xtreme Power HSC 14250 is that it serves as multiple devices. It offers the powerful heated clean of a multi-surface portable device with 1000 PSI of powerful. With the ability to heat up to 300 degrees, it serves as an excellent commercial steam cleaner. An optional squeegee wand helps you turn the device into a useful wall cleaning system. The Xtreme Power HSC 14250 can even act as a commercial sludge extractor.

Having the right tools on hand for the job is the key to success. High temperatures and a powerful spinner allow you to sterilize while you cut through dirt and grime. You’ll be able to work inside and outside on a variety of tasks. You don’t need to feel limited when you have this powerful cleaning device by your side.

The Xtreme Power HSC 14250 is able to be used on a variety of surfaces, making it the ideal cleaning tool in many industries. The cleaning system serves as an industrial cleaner that can also be used on your home driveway or carpets. Use the cleaning system to easily cut away at grime in the bathroom or grease in the kitchen. Wash off the concrete flooring in your garage after you work on your car or use it to wash away the dirt on the side of your home. There are many practical applications for this hard surface floor cleaner.

While Daimer primarily works with business owners, anyone can benefit from the cleaning power of the Xtreme Power HSC 14250. Whether you are attempting to clean a large, busy space in your office building or just doing a little bit of housework, we are here to help.

High Quality Cleaning Features

The Xtreme Power HSC 14250 is unlike anything else offered by Daimer. It is a powerful machine that takes full advantage of cutting-edge technology to give you a high quality clean every time. Here are just some of the features that stand out on this hard surface cleaning system:

  • Powerful 30 GPM extractor helps with water damage restoration.
  • System quickly heats up to 300 degrees.
  • Adjustable settings allow you to easily wash multiple surfaces.
  • Incredible spinner speed of 1000 RPM allows for effective clean.
  • Several optional power methods to better suit your needs.
  • Works as a cold, hot or wet steam cleaner.
  • Multiple hoses and pressure nozzles are included.

The Xtreme Power HSC 14250 also combines with the power of the Super Max 7000 pressure washer, which can be used independently. This allows for higher steam temperatures, making it easier to remove tough stains from grease or oil. It also allows for better extraction and all-around cleaning.

Several optional hoses and nozzles also help you get an ideal clean as you work on multiple projects. The 19-inch spinner tool can easily be swapped out with a 9-inch head, giving you a more precise clean in a smaller area. This allows you to perform more detailed cleaning tasks, giving you a better value than many of the other heated hard surface cleaning systems available.

The Xtreme Power HSC 14250 uses a unique build that allows you to clean large areas and save time. With multiple detachable parts and optional features, you can use the exact tool or mode you need to get the job done right. This allows you to get a more effective clean. In fact, the Xtreme Power HSC 14250 can clean up to 30 times faster than other vapor steam cleaners on the market!

About the Manufacturer

Who you buy a hard surface cleaner from is almost as important as the unit itself. You want to work with a company that has years of experience helping people find cleaning systems that suit their needs. You also need to work with a company that has a long track record of providing strong, versatile machines that last for years.

Xtreme Power HSC 14250 is manufactured by Daimer, one of the most trusted brands in the cleaning industry. We are known for paying attention to details and building units that can withstand heavy use. Our goal is to help you get an industrial cleaning system that can help you strengthen your business and get the job done right.

If you are looking for a powerful, effective clean, then look no further than the Xtreme Power HSC 14250. Contact us today to learn how this heated hard surface pressure washer can help you.


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