July 20, 2015

Cut Through Grease with the XTreme Power HSC 17300

XTreme Power HSC 17300When cleaning a commercial building, you need the right tools by your side if you want to get the job done quickly and effectively. Efficiency is important in any business setting. One way to improve the quality of your cleaning is to invest in a heated hard surface cleaning machine. To improve it even more, try investing in a multi-purpose device like the XTreme Power HSC 17300.

Multi-purpose industrial cleaning machines can help you perform a wide variety of cleaning tasks. The XTreme Power HSC 17300, for example, works well as a commercial steam pressure washer because it offers 3000 PSI of pressure. It can also double as a hard surface cleaner, wall cleaning system and a sludge extractor. This makes it an indispensable tool in almost any business setting.

Cleaning Residential and Commercial Areas

The XTreme Power HSC 17300 is a powerful machine that is designed for commercial use. It includes an electric tri-mode pressure washer and an XTreme Power sludge extractor, making it suitable for many industrial locations. These powerful features can be used both inside and outside, allowing you to get a wider variety of areas clean.

While some may invest in the XTreme Power HSC 17300 for their homes, the features included are a step above what one would find in a residential model. A high flow rate of 5 GPM and an output of 3000 PSI make it perfect for handling grease, dirt, mold and other buildup. Because it is a commercial cleaner, it offers 60% faster cleaning power and produces about 70% better results. The exclusive motorized spinner features make the cleaning unit a worthwhile investment for any commercial business.

Where to Use the XTreme Power HSC 17300

The XTreme Power HSC 17300 is designed to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. It can cut through oil, dirt, grease and more quickly. Here is how it can help you clean these troublesome areas:

  • Garage Floors – Wash away oil and gasoline with the pressure washer, making it easy to avoid stains.
  • Concrete – Many walkways, sidewalks and driveways are made from hard concrete. The XTreme Power HSC 17300 is designed to help you blast away dirt and other substances trapped in cracks.
  • Kitchens – Sterilize your kitchen with the help of this steam pressure washer, which can easily heat up to 330 degrees.
  • Other Surfaces – Just swap out the spinner tool to clean larger floor areas or wash the walls in your building!

There are several other benefits to investing in the XTreme Power HSC 17300 over other heated hard floor cleaners on the market. Using the best technology, Daimer has made it possible for you to clean almost any hard surface. This industrial machine is perfect for any business, big or small.

Every area of the machine is built to last. This means that it can be used every day in high traffic areas. You will be able to enhance the appearance of your business and ensure a great all-around clean every time you use the XTreme Power HSC 17300.

Features of the XTreme Power HSC 17300

What sets the XTreme Power HSC 17300 apart from other models in the Daimer line? There are several unique features that help you clean a wide variety of areas. It is built with all of the durable industrial parts one would expect from Daimer, yet leaves room for powerful cleaning features. This makes it a popular choice for commercial business owners.

Explore some of the XTreme Power HSC 17300’s best features:

  • Propane heating tank allows for enhanced portability.
  • Cold, hot and wet steam options help you clean sensitive areas.
  • Powerful 3000 PSI and 5 GPM flow rate cuts through dirt.
  • 19-inch spinner helps you cover a wider area.
  • Continuous use design allows you to get consistent results.
  • Multiple hoses, wands and spinners are included.
  • Durable parts help you ensure longer use.

The XTreme Power HSC 17300 includes several different attachments to help you reach even more areas. A 25-foot solution hose, 50-foot vacuum hose, 50-foot steam hose and 50-foot dump hose help you reach several areas without having to move the machine. Special trigger wands and nozzles help you control the steam settings and get a more precise clean. A 14.5-inch extraction squeegee wand also allows for simple surface cleaning.

Daimer Integrity

One of the biggest benefits of the XTreme Power HSC 17300 is that it is made with the same integrity as the rest of our commercial cleaning machines. For example, the pressure washer is housed in an attractive high gloss container that is steel-power-coated, helping it stay intact for years. The extractor is made from a heavy duty fiber composite which is known for it’s durability.

Because we are confident in the products that we sell, we offer an excellent warranty on the XTreme Power HSC 17300. The extractor system, heating unit and spinner system each include a one year warranty. The water pump and spinner housing each have a three year warranty. This helps give you confidence in your purchase.

Daimer is known for producing excellent pressure washer systems that are easy to use. If you are interested in the XTreme Power HSC 17300 or any other model, contact us directly. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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