May 27, 2015

XTreme Power XPC-9200

XTreme Power XPC-9200Our XTreme Power XPC 9200 is one of our most popular models, and for good reason. With temperatures up to over 140 degrees and low-flow technology and unique hoses, you will get a better, faster clean that leaves commercial spaces fresh in less time. Because this machine does not autofill or auto dump, our low flow technology helps increase the amount of time and space you can cover. The low-flow also reduces the amount of drying time required, without sacrificing any of the cleaning power.

Purchasing a new carpet cleaner is an investment, and we want you to make the choice that fits your company’s needs. At Damier, we take our reputation as one of the best providers of cleaning machines seriously. Here are a few things you should know about our XTreme Power XPC 9200.

About the XTreme Power XPC 9200

The XTreme Power XPC 9200 offers the most for your money. With a bigger capacity and more power than any of our other non-heated commercial carper cleaners, you get access to intense water pressures and the ability to clean continuously.  When combined with our carpet cleaning solution, the machine will remove the most difficult stains.

This machine offers potent cleaning power with powerful water pressure levels up to 220 PSI and takes water heated up to 140 degrees, for a thorough, deep clean perfect for your toughest cleaning jobs. With a 17-gallon solution tank and a 15-gallon recovery tank, you can save time and energy with a continuous flow of water. The simultaneous injection of water into the carpet with a strong suction, allows this carpet cleaner to pull out some of the toughest products (including greasy substances.)

Once you have finished cleaning with the powerful cleaner, customers should expect the carpet to dry completely within about 6 hours. Some carpets may dry in as little as two hours! Other similar machines on the market require up to 24-hours drying time, which increases risk of developing mold and mildew.

The XTreme Power XPC 9200 is perfect for commercial carpeting that does not require the use of steam. The powerful cleaner will pull stains, dirt and grime from the surface of the carpet, leaving your commercial businesses feeling and looking fresh. Our XTreme Power XPC 9200 offers: a 150-inch, maximum water lift, a 200 CFM airflow and two powerful stage motors.

The low-flow and temperature control features allow you to get more cleaning done, using less water and maintaining the water at an optimal cleaning temperature.  While other companies offer less cleaning power, with longer drying times, Damier products offer the best cleaning power in the industry with minimum wait times. The XTreme Power XPC 9200 is a great tool for commercial carpet cleaning businesses.

We understand the importance of mobility and storability when it comes to cleaning machines, which is why we have designed a sturdy, but compact, machine. At just under 2-feet wide, about 3-feet deep and 2.5 feet tall, this machine is easy to transport and easy to store.

Make the XTreme Power XPC 9200 even better

Each machine comes with a 12-inch carpet wand that helps remove 60 percent more water. The development of this special tool included a tighter seal to the carpet, which allows for better suction. The power of this one tool alone is the equivalent of a separate vacuum motor! The adjustable wand swivels as you clean, which makes it a convenient tool to have. When you purchase the XTreme Power XPC 9200, you also get a vacuum hose, a solution hose and 2 gallons of eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaner. The cleaning product can make up to 64-gallons of solution.

The 25-foot hose, which allows you to clean up to 2400 square feet without ever having to move the machine.  At 110 pounds, the machine is sturdy, so the freedom to move will save you time and energy.

Get more from your new cleaning machine when you purchase optional upgrades and additional wands. While this machine is specifically for cleaning carpets, you can clean upholstery as well when you purchase an optional wand that will allow for easier, safer cleaning of upholstery and stairs. You may also opt to purchase a 250 or 300 pump to maximize effectiveness.

Additionally, our carpet cleaning filters make it easy to ensure that you are sucking all of the dust and grime out of the carpet, without distributing it back into the air. Ask about our limited-time offer of free carpet cleaning filters, to save you even more money.

Protect the environment and increase productivity

Many mainstream cleaning machines do not utilize a low-flow option. This means that the cleaners inject more water into the carpet. Not only does this increase the chances of mold and mildew, it also wastes a vital natural resource. We believe that clean carpets should not require the use of an exorbitant amount of water or toxic chemicals.

Our eco-friendly carpet cleaner provides a safer, more environmentally friendly option for keeping carpets clean and fresh. We also offer eco-friendly stain remover. The toxic-free solutions remove dirt and grime using healthy ingredients.

When you pair our low-flow technology with the eco-friendly cleaning solutions we offer, you can help reduce your impact on our natural resources and your immediate environment without sacrificing the quality your customers want, and deserve.

You can compare the XTreme Power XPC 9200 with our other products to determine whether this machine is right for you. Simply click on “carpet cleaners” and then “compare all.”  


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