Commercial Carpet Cleaning with Daimer's Portable Carpet Cleaners

March 02, 2009

Portable carpet cleaners in the industry range from inexpensive machines offering virtually low cleaning power and effectiveness to those featuring pressure levels up to 500 psi. Unfortunately, lower priced carpet cleaners often lack the performance and durability necessary for those interested in serious commercial carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners are a fraction of the cost of expensive truck-mounted equipment, and offer greater mobility and flexibility as well. Low flow portable systems are much more preferable to truck-mounted machines; the latter are really high flow, soaking pressure washers that emit so much water the carpets take up to 24 hours or more to dry even when heaters are used to assist in the process. Mildew is likely to develop, especially in warm, humid climates.

Those service providers interested in buying mobile machines and equipment to clean homes, businesses, restaurants, and other locations should research machines with a minimum pressure level of 100 psi. Truck-mounted configurations are typically rated at 3000 psi, which needs to be lowered dramatically so as not to destroy carpeting.

Consider at least a 14 gallon water/solution and a minimum of a 14 gallon recovery chamber to help ensure those performing the work can operate carpet cleaners for a reasonable period of time before refilling with clean water and dumping the dirty reclaimed solution. Of course, you can also purchase high performance systems with auto-fill and auto-dump features for non-stop, continuous usage. Keep in mind high productivity is the ultimate goal.

Look for an air flow rating of at least 200 cfm, and a minimum of 150" water column lift. Effective and faster carpet cleaning requires carpet cleaner machines come bundled with at least minimum pressure, air flow, and suction levels. Often times, any less will yield sub-par results.

Adding an inline heater feature, which allows for fast heating times of within a few minutes or so, makes the equipment a "steam carpet cleaner"; the machine really functions as a hot water extraction system. Heated carpet cleaners, which can typically range from approximately 135 degrees F. up to over 150 degrees, do not really emit steam in the true sense of the word because they do not reach steam temperatures of 212 degrees F. The industry adopted the name "steam carpet cleaners", even though the phrase is really a misnomer.

The bottom line is heated carpet cleaners really help to enhance cleaning power over and above non-heated machines, especially in conjunction with a chemical pre-spray. Stains and dirt can be removed faster and more effectively, and carpets dry much faster (as low as only two hours) than using non-heated equipment, into which hot water can be poured to increase cleaning power as well.

Be careful when using machines on Oriental or Persian rugs as well as other carpets and rugs made of wool or natural fibers. The recommended way to clean these types of carpets is to use cold water or warm water if necessary. High temperatures may not only cause colors to bleed, but also rugs may shrink. Good steam carpet machines offer a switch to enable or disable the heat.

Seek green chemicals that leave behind no residue in the carpet, and make sure the MSDS sheet shows the Hazard Placard values as close to zero as possible. Many carpet cleaner chemicals are comprised of chemicals that will be banned in the future. Customers and workers do not need to inhale fumes from chemicals that can lead to disease for both parties. Lung cancer is a risk to carpet cleaning professionals if they use harmful chemicals over time. The best green chemicals will show all zeroes on the Hazard Placard.

The carpet cleaning industry, businesses, healthcare, government, and most all other industries are promoting the use of green chemicals for all cleaning. Global warming and the "greenhouse effect" are enhanced through the continued use of harmful chemicals using Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other truly dangerous chemical ingredients.

Researching and buying the right combination of equipment features and safe chemicals will help to ensure a successful business as well as promote a healthier indoor and global environment.

About Daimer

Daimer is a major manufacturer, importer and worldwide exporter of the industry's leading line of KleenJet® steam cleaners; XTreme Power® carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaning machines, floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; Super Max® and Vapor-Flo® pressure washers; and the line of Micro-Blasting® Eco-Green® ecologically friendly green chemicals that employ unique technologies and a patented, proprietary chemistry.

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