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Daimer Industries®, a well known global leader backed by over 40 years of engineering expertise and experience in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, strives to accommodate the varying, challenging demands of each and every one of our customers. First and foremost, Daimer® ensures its machines meet the quality standards required by industrial environments through the inclusion of only the highest quality components.

We meet the most demanding applications through the integration of sophisticated technologies designed to maximize product longevity and improve productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience. Take a look at how these technologies are incorporated in the different types of cleaning machines offered by Daimer®.

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Steam Cleaners
Pressure Washers
Carpet Cleaners
Hard Surface Cleaners

Steam Cleaners

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

Daimer®'s line of KleenJet® steam cleaners is most powerful and comprehensive line available in the industry. Every KleenJet® steam cleaner includes:

  • "Dry" vapor steam output ensures minimal water usage for true green cleaning, fast drying times, and minimal cleanup.
  • High steam temperatures reaching 386°F to quickly dissolve the most stubborn residues.
  • Pressure levels up to 150 psi to achieve cleaning power unavailable from other suppliers.
  • Rugged stainless steel or durable plastic housing to ensure maximum longevity.
  • Patented replaceable heating elements for easy, inexpensive maintenance throughout the life of your machine.
  • Premium stainless steel boilers ensure sustained high steam temperatures and the longevity of the system. Daimer®'s KleenJet® steam cleaner boilers also feature self cleaning capabilities to remove calcium build-up without the use of harmful chemicals, requiring a low level of maintenance for each system.
  • Long-lasting, detachable steam hoses with a much lower risk of failure when compared to attached hoses of other machines on the market.
  • True Pressure Variability enables operators to dial to a specific pressure setting in order to maintain the ideal pressure for the application at hand.
  • Integrated detergent chambers allow operators to experience even greater cleaning power through the addition of green chemicals and other cleaning solutions.

Many KleenJet® models come with a host of additional technologies, including:

  • Attached Vacuums - Simultaneously steam and extract dissolved residues for ease cleanup without the need for towel attachments required by steam cleaners without vacuums.
  • Continuous Refill Technology - Enables operators to clean non-stop by refilling while the machine is in use. Does away with long, unnecessary refill periods.
  • HEPA Filters & Water Filtration Systems - Unique to many of Daimer®'s powerful vapor steam cleaners, HEPA Filters and Water Filtration Systems provide an addition layer of protection against allergens. Dust and allergens are deposited in water for easy removal, thereby purifying the indoor air by prohibiting these particles from being reintroduced into the environment.
  • ATIS® Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization® - Daimer®'s exclusive anti-bacterial technology, lab tested and proven to eliminate more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria, germs, and mold, including: E. coli, Salmonella cholerasuis, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, and more.
  • Gum Exterminator® - Daimer®'s unique gum removal technology designed to eradicate 1000s of pieces of gum in a single day.
  • Daimer® Exclusive Automatic Direct Water Feed - Affords users the added ability to attach a direct water line to some of our machines for automatic refill without operator involvement, similar to a pressure washer. Maximize use productivity!

Pressure Washers

pressure washers

Daimer®'s Super Max™ & Vapor-Flo® pressure washers are the most powerful cleaning machines in the industry, with a wide array of features and technologies to ease even the toughest industrial pressure washing applications.

Advanced features and available technologies of Super Max™ pressure washers include:

  • Varying temperature options allow users to select the ideal temperature setting for their application at hand. Super Max™ pressure washers are available in cold water only, wet steam only, and tri-mode configurations. For greatest versatility, Daimer® pressure washers are capable of being used in cold water, hot water (180°F - 210°F), and wet steam (up to 330°F) modes to meet the demands of the application at hand.
  • A range of pressure levels (750 psi - 8000 psi) and flow rates (0.5 GPM - 20+ GPM) are available to meet the diverse needs of our commercial and industrial customers.
  • Customize pressure washers precisely to your specific industrial applications. If you require options beyond available models, Daimer® product specialists will work with you to custom engineer a pressure washer to your exact specifications. With multiple heaters, flow rates are available up to 20 GPM or more on custom units!
  • Machines are available in virtually all required power methods, including: electric, gasoline, propane, diesel, butane, and jet fuel.
  • AST® Automatic Shutoff Technology™ is available on top electric powered models, offering automatic shutdown of the motor and pump during periods of inactivity to reduce wear and prolong the life of the equipment.
  • SuperHOT® Super High-Temperature Optimized Technology™ is a feature of the wet steam only pressure washers, offering outstanding high steam temperatures reaching up to 330°F to rapidly dissolve the most stubborn grease and other industrial deposits.
  • Long Hose Technology enables operators to reach applications up to 300 feet away from the base unit with extended pressure hoses, without any loss in cleaning power. This adds flexibility to the use of stationary units. It is also beneficial for users of fuel powered systems - they simply place the pressure washer outdoors or in an exhaust friendly location and can reach applications indoors without risk of exhaust production.
  • Rugged composition for extended machine life includes: power coated, chip and chemical resistant housing, dual layered pressure hoses, durable 3' wands with quick disconnect feature, and more.
  • Chemical injection capabilities of each Super Max™ model affords users with the ability to heighten cleaning power by adding green chemicals or other cleaning solutions to their pressure washing application.

Vapor-Flo® pressure washers, in contrast to the Super Max™ systems, are all powered and heated by electricity. The benefits of this advanced engineering include:

  • All electric power and heating affords users with greater convenience, as only once source of energy is required.
  • All Vapor-Flo® machines offer clean operation, as electric power generates zero exhaust.
  • Dual temperature options include cold water and hot water output for enhanced versatility. Top hot water temperatures can reach up to 205°F to eliminate tough residues and deposits.
  • Flow rates from 0.4 to 2.3 GPM and pressure levels from 1450 to 2175 psi are available for a range of moderate to heavy commercial and industrial applications.

Carpet Cleaners

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machines

Daimer®'s exclusive line of XTreme Power® carpet cleaners offers the greatest cleaning power and the shortest drying times in the industry. Here is a list of the many features and technologies incorporated in XTreme Power® carpet cleaners to enhance productivity and cleaning power.

  • Low Flow Technology is an advanced feature of every XTreme Power® carpet cleaner. This advanced technology reduces water flow without reducing cleaning to greatly shorten drying times while providing the best carpet cleaning results. Drying times for carpet are as low as 2 hours, with upholstery drying times as low as 1 hour!
  • Non-heated and heated carpet shampooer configurations are available to meet the specific requirements of each operator. Non-heated systems are preferred for lighter applications and on heat sensitive carpets, while heated carpet extractors afford users with heightened cleaning power.
  • Top temperatures of heated XTreme Power® carpet extractors reach up to 210°F for quick dissolving of dirt, food spills, and most other stains when used in conjunction with a carpet cleaning solution. Even stains that are deeply settled within the carpet fibers can be easily cleaned or dissolved and extracted.
  • Temperature Control Technology enables operators to control the output temperature. Dialing down the temperature of most heated carpet extractors is necessary when cleaning heat sensitive materials, like wool and other natural fibers.
  • Auto fill and auto dump features of our XTreme Power® industrial carpet cleaners allow users to automatically draw water into the water chamber and release dirty recovered water into a storm drain or tank to enhance usability and productivity.
  • Specialized 4" upholstery wands come standard with upholstery cleaning machines to quickly clean the tight corners of upholstery and automotive interiors.
  • Readily biodegradable, non-toxic, plant based Eco-Green® Carpet Care is available for purchase with XTreme Power® systems to increase cleaning power without leaving behind soap or shampoo, as is done by other products in the industry. Eco-Green® does not harm the user or the environment, and is harmless to allergy sufferers or those with chemical sensitivities.
  • Users can input carpet cleaning solution and water directly into the solution tank for maximum effectiveness. For best results, pre-spraying the carpet first is required.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners

Daimer®'s XTreme Power® hard surface cleaners offer the most advanced technologies in the industry to provide enhanced cleaning capabilities.

  • Daimer® offers exclusive, patented 9" and 19" motorized spinners with its XTreme Power® hard surface spinner systems for 75% faster cleaning than non-motorized spinners or squeegee based systems. Use of a motorized spinner ensures that no pressure is lost when rotating the spinner head, whereas non-motorized spinners experience a loss of approximately 500 psi because the water must spin the blade and flow through the nozzles simultaneously.
  • Exclusive 9" and 19" motorized spinners feature a blade that is only 0.5" from the surface, compared to the 1.5" space between the surface and the blade of non-motorized spinners. The reduced area between the blade and the surface provides for greater cleaning power.
  • Nozzles within the 9" and 19" motorized spinners are at a 15° forward angle. This angle is ideal for impacting the surface and tile & grout pores for optimal cleaning power. Non-motorized spinners, on the other hand, feature a backwards angle that reduces cleaning power.
  • A clockwise spinning pattern for Daimer®'s motorized spinners results in a more effective cleaning action, when compared to the counter-clockwise action of non-motorized spinners, which require additional passes over the surface due to reduced cleaning power.
  • Rapid floor cleaning capabilities enable users to tackle up to 200 sq. ft. per hour for tile & grout cleaning and other floor cleaning applications.
  • At 1500 psi, Daimer® offers the most powerful pressure available in hard surface cleaners, compared to other machines at 1200 psi.
  • Designed for optimal cleaning power, Daimer®'s XTreme Power® hard surface cleaners are also greener and more efficient, as less water is used thanks to the motorized spinner systems and their nozzle angle and blade placement.
  • XTreme Power® hard surface cleaners can be used independently as carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaning machines, pressure washers, wall cleaning machines, and sludge extractors (with extraction rates of 30 GPM) with the purchase of optional wands.
  • Heated hard surface are also available for outdoor applications. These systems combine several Daimer® machines in one for powerful cleaning results. They can be used independently as hard surface spinning cleaning machines, pressure washers, wall cleaning machines, and sludge extractors . Additional wands may be required for full functionality.
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