Automotive Cloth and Velour Upholstery

Automotive Cloth and Velour Upholstery
2 Automotive Cloth and Velour Upholstery
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How to Ensure Faster and Effective Cleaning of Car Cloth and Velour Upholstery?

Velour upholstery is a favorite of many car owners because it gives their vehicle interiors a rich, velvety look. However, the fabric is also capable of attracting a lot of muck and dirt and hence needs regular cleaning. It is not enough to use routine cleaning measures and processes to keep the velour upholstery look new and shiny. The best automotive cloth and velour upholstery cleaning equipment needs to be pressed into service to make sure the fabric does not look jaded and stiff.

Why Use Specialized Car Interior Cleaners?

Cars’ interiors demand cleaning of the highest quality. Fabrics like velour and other cloth used for sprucing up car interiors need cleaning using an automotive cloth and velour upholstery cleaning machine because using conventional cleaning methods cannot keep your car interiors clean and odor-free. A specialized auto fabric cleaner designed specifically for cleaning car cloth and velour can do wonders for the interiors of your car.

Using the best cloth auto upholstery cleaning machines can make your upholstery look new and fresh, as they remove tough dirt and grime without causing any damage to the surface. Carpet cleaners with advanced features are the best machines to do the job quickly and convincingly.

What are the Specifications to Look for?

Automotive cloth and velour upholstery cleaning machines for cleaning cars’ interiors must be chosen with care. Carpet cleaners with the right specifications are what you need to ensure enhanced cleaning without having to put in a lot of manual effort. What must you look for while buying advanced auto cloth upholstery cleaner? Choose a velour upholstery cleaning equipment that offers:

  • High temperature levels for deeper and faster cleaning of car upholstery.
  • Portability to help you reach all the areas without straining yourself.
  • Less water usage for faster drying times.
  • Wands and accessories to reach inaccessible areas easily.

Daimer®’s heated upholstery cleaning and auto detailing machines satisfy all the conditions professionals look for in velour upholstery cleaning equipment. Daimer®’s popular XTreme Power® car detailing systems like the XPH-5900IU and XPH-6400IU are ideal for automotive cloth and velour upholstery cleaning, as they offer high pump pressure of up to 170 PSI and temperature levels of up to 210°F. The special low flow technology of these machines ensures faster drying.

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