Partial List of Applications

► At Daimer® we offer an extremely wide range of products for shipment to over 200 countries.
► We completely understand the varying levels of difficulty and the wide variety of cleaning applications that our customers face.
► We offer more detailed product and application information than other brands.
► Our enormous selection of cleaning equipment is designed to tackle virtually all applications you will face.
► To ease your search, click on the Products by Application categories below to view the most popular products for the selected application.
► Daimer® ensures that no matter the applications you encounter, you will handle them with Daimer®'s cleaning machines of the utmost quality, durability, power, and advanced technologies.

Featured Application

Tile/Grout, Carpet, Upholstery & Wall Cleaning in One Machine

  • Daimer® offers an exclusive line of very unique Multi-Function Hard Surface Cleaners with special, patented features for commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning applications.
  • These XTreme Power® HSC machines can tackle tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, all cleaning, and other hard surface cleaning applications when paired with the included and optional wands and accessories.