August 14, 2020

5 Applications of Dry Ice Blasting

Tired of manually cleaning your surfaces and equipment? Then it’s time to learn about the power of dry ice blasting and how it can eliminate all the dirt, residue, and contaminants you’re facing safely and effectively. Whether you’re in the food and beverage sector, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, or otherwise, dry ice blasting will improve your cleaning processes and operations. Learn how right here.

Equipment Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is powerful enough to be used on all types of equipment including production equipment, conveyor belts, HVAC equipment, forklifts, motors and engines, hydraulics and even robotics. In just a few minutes, the compressed air and dry ice particles can blast all of your equipment clean in a non-destructive way. This allows you to effectively remove hard to clean stains and contaminants from your fragile and sensitive equipment with ease. Another benefit of dry ice blasting is the speed. It’s incredibly fast, reducing your cleaning time by half. And since it’s non-conductive and non-abrasive, there’s no risk of damaging your expensive equipment.

Mold Cleaning

Are you still cleaning out your molds manually? Mold cleaning is a time-consuming process that requires you to disassemble equipment to clean all the nooks and crannies. Switching to dry ice blasting can save you both time and money. It’s an easier, faster, and safer way to clean any type of molds without damaging your equipment or impacting your health. It’s also more efficient than other cleaning methods because you can clean your molds directly in the press, no disassembly required. Dry ice is also better for your bottom line. You can save thousands annually in cleaning and labor costs by switching to this method. Best of all, you’ll be able to improve your productivity and increase your OEE operational efficiencies and scores. 

Adhesive Removal

The dry ice blasting process is also more superior for removing adhesive coatings. The dry ice causes rapid freezing of the adhesive, causing the bonds to become loose. The high-speed pellets then break up the coating, removing it safely and effectively. The result – clean equipment and surfaces in a matter of seconds. Dry ice blasting is even powerful enough to clean the toughest adhesive buildup on your gripper drums, weld lines and glue assemblies. 

Surface Prep

High pressurized water and sandblasting can damage your delicate surfaces. A dry ice blasting machine can help clean and prepare any surfaces you have without causing any wear and tear.  It can remove heavy buildup on everything, including metal and steel without the need for chemicals. This process ensures that no residue or abrasive effects are left behind, so you can easily paint or coat the surface right after cleaning.   


Do you have historic structures or buildings that are too delicate to clean with traditional methods and hand tools? A dry ice blasting machine can gently remove any contaminants, paint, mold, and lead to safely restore your most delicate artifacts and monuments. By using a chemical-free process, you can quickly remove any old paint, solvents and abrasives without harming the surrounding materials and environment. A superior clean can be achieved while reducing significant man hours when cleaning by hand. In addition, you can clean small crevices that you can’t easily reach by hand.

As you can see, dry ice blasting machines offer a number of advantages over other cleaning methods. It’s fast, thorough, and can be used without any disassembly or drying time. Dry ice is also non-abrasive and eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and solvents. It’s safe to use around fragile equipment and electrical components. If you’re ready to purchase a dry ice blasting machine for your business or want to learn more about the latest ice blast technology, contact us at Daimer Industries today.


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