April 26, 2022

How to Achieve a Spotless and Safe Restaurant During & After the Pandemic

As the world begins to open up after the global COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are excited to go out and eat at restaurants. In order to deliver top-quality in a healthy and safe environment, it is important to constantly adapt restaurant cleaning practices to health and safety guidelines to ensure all employees and guests are not at risk.


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At Daimer Industries, we pride ourselves on creating products to deliver high-quality and clean results in various commercial spaces. Our various product specialists and technicians understand the importance of ensuring the commercial space is in a good state to protect all workers and customers coming in and out. 

As professional commercial cleaners, this is a simple baseline guide to follow when conducting your cleaning procedures. Read on to find out supplement cleaning tips to ensure that the highest touchpoint areas and items are thoroughly cleaned according to health and safety guidelines.

Cleaning Prep and Checklist 

While cleaning is vital, preparation before cleaning is equally important to ensure the maintenance of a high-quality and clean restaurant. This step is essential to ensure that employees are not further contaminating or infecting the space while cleaning. When you are doing your pre-clean protocols, be sure to focus on the following six areas:


  1. Supplies - Ensure cleaning supplies are well-stocked and maintained and schedule orders to restock the supply periodically 
  2. Air Purification - Use air cleaners or purifiers with filters that can catch pathogens and viruses
  3. Masks  - Make sure employees are wearing their masks when possible
  4. Temperature - Check the temperature of each employee when they arrive
  5. Guideline Check - Follow local/federal guidelines to ensure you are conducting safe practices during the pandemic
  6. Contractor Communication - If you are working with any cleaning contractors, make sure that they are using proper disinfection protocols and techniques

Identify High Touch Items/Areas

Before starting the cleaning procedure, it is crucial to identify any key areas and high touchpoints in the restaurants. With so many people in one place in different sections, little objects that are regularly touched and used are often neglected, leading to higher susceptibility to spreading germs and bacteria. Below are some common areas and high-touch items that you can find in restaurants. 


  1. Kitchen 

Refrigerators, floors, stoves, ovens, prep station, assembly lines, handles, knobs, doors, light switches, trash bins, recycling bins, drink/ice dispensers

  1. Bathrooms

Toilets, flush handle/button, sinks, faucet knobs, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, mirrors, stall doors, stall locks

  1. Dining Area/Bar 

Tables, chairs, chair backs, booth seats, high chairs/booster seats, napkin dispensers, sauce bottles, shakers

  1. Entrance/Host Area 

Computers/tablets, door handles, doors, entryway chairs, pens, countertops, menus, bill folio/tray, debit/credit machine

  1. Employee/Break Room 

Tables, chairs, door handles, microwaves, lockers, benches, hooks, trash bins, light switches

  1. Offices 

Computers, keyboard, mouse, desk surface, cabinets, drawer handles, folders, security pad, phone

  1. Storage Areas 

Boxes, cleaning handles, shelves

  1. Ventilation/Boiler Room 

Vent filters, dust surfaces

The Do’s and Don’ts of Disinfecting


  • Develop a specific cleaning plan and schedule by sections

  • Clean/disinfect high touch surfaces daily and as often as possible

  • Disinfect seating areas and tables between guests

  • Clean the surfaces from top to bottom

  • Follow cleaning recommendations from item manufacturers

  • Follow proper ServSafe Guidelines

  • Always follow directions included with EPA registered disinfectants


  • Reuse dirty and contaminated cleaning cloths/sponges

  • Just spray and wipe to call it a day

  • Use liquid disinfectants that are not EPA registered

  • Over-dilute disinfectants with water

Re-opening restaurants and the ever-changing health guidelines can be challenging, but your disinfecting and cleaning system does not have to be. Following the guidelines and recommendations of public health and sanitation professionals will go a long way in keeping all staff and guests safe in your restaurants. 

Check out our infographic on Modern Restaurant Management, and for our additional sanitation tips and equipment, Daimer Industries is ready to assist you.


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