June 30, 2020

5 Cleaning Tips for Businesses as They Reopen Their Doors

A lot can happen when the doors of your business are closed for months on end. Pests can move in, mold can quickly grow, bacteria can fester, and stains can form. Whether you operate a restaurant, retail business, auto dealer, manufacturing facility, or otherwise, you want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your employees and customers upon your return. Reopening your business will take work, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce any risks that could result in health implications or even a lawsuit.  Get the cleaning tips you need to safely reopen after lockdown right here.

Give Everything a Deep Clean

With such little action taking place over the last several months, it’s likely that the inside of your business is going to be covered in dust and other residues that need to be cleaned up. Giving all areas a deep clean before you open your doors will show your employees and your customers that you care about their health and safety. And when we say deep clean, we mean cleaning behind all the boxes, getting in all the corners and underneath all the equipment, not just the surfaces and windows. You should also give the exterior a good cleaning since customers judge based on a business’s facade. Simple steps like tidying up the landscaping, cleaning the building, walkways, and parking areas with a pressure washer, and cleaning all the windows can make a big difference in your business’s appearance.

Clean Up Leaks Right Away

If there’s been a lot of rainfall lately, you might find moisture and water leaks present around your office, store or factory. To prevent this water from forming into mold and causing structural damage, it’s important to mop up and fan dry any condensation immediately. If the water has caused any yellowish or rusty stains on the surface, you can use a portable steam cleaner to quickly remove these.  

Remove Mold and Mildew

As soon as mold grows, it becomes an issue. Not only can it cause serious health concerns for employees, but also your customers. If that’s not bad enough, even small mold spots can scare away customers and land you some serious negative reviews online. To ensure your health and reputation are not jeopardized as soon as you open the doors, remove any mildew and mold around your business with disinfectants. A steam cleaner and vaporizer will also kill mold rather than just bleaching it to appear invisible. 

Disinfect Everything

Cleaning is one thing, but disinfecting is a whole other ball game. To ensure you kill any bacteria, germs, and viruses, you’ll want to disinfect all of your surfaces and machinery. Bleach and Lysol can be used but there are a number of environmentally-friendly products that will work just as well. Regardless, it’s important that you wear the proper protective equipment to avoid contaminating yourself. For heavier-duty jobs, you might also want to consider renting an electrostatic sprayer.

Call a Professional

When you need a deep clean from floor to ceiling, contact us at Daimer Industries. We are the world’s top-ranked brand of industrial-grade steam cleaners. Our diverse product line is designed to clean your entire business inside and out, regardless of your industry. Whether you need a carpet cleaner, tile floor scrubber, or a steam cleaner to give those hardwood surfaces a shine, we have the right machine for the job. We even carry mobile car washing machines that can clean your entire fleet as well as dry ice blasting machines to remove toxic chemicals and safely clean food processing equipment or other expensive media.

Give your business the ultimate clean before you reopen your doors.

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