April 19, 2016

An Ice Blasting Machine Provides a Carbon Footprint Reduction You Can't Afford to Miss

In industry, blast cleaning is intensive, and requires high powered machines that are durable and efficient. The problem with some machines, is that they’re difficult to maintain, they use unsafe media, and in some cases, they are even environmentally unfriendly. At Daimer Industries, we recognize the needs of operators to find more efficient machines that are also more ecologically conscious. If you’ve been looking for a way to lower waste in your business, without sacrificing blasting ability, then we have a unit that could completely redefine your expectations. It’s the Coulson Ice Blast, and it is a revolutionary machine in many ways.

An Eco-Friendly Blaster

Ice Blast MachineYou may be considering dry ice as a blasting media, but there are many problems that come with this. Dry ice is a dangerous material that requires special training and equipment to handle. This adds unnecessary overhead to your operation, which could otherwise be avoided. Not only will you have to train staff to handle dry ice safely, but you will also need to continually procure dry ice from a supplier, which means that at times, you are reliant on a third party to perform your blasting tasks. Operationally, this simply doesn’t make sense, especially when there are other sand blaster alternatives.

If you look at all of the conventional blasting media options, they all come with their share of concerns. Silica sand media can cause respiratory damage, and again, requires training and specialized equipment to be used safely. Sand, glass, and other media require cleanup, which adds more time and expense to the blasting process. With dry ice, even though cleanup is not a problem, strict ventilation conditions must be adhered to, as gasses from CO2 can cause asphyxiation in enclosed spaces.

Considering all of this, wouldn’t it be better if you had access to an eco-friendly blasting method? If you had the opportunity to use a blasting machine that utilized safe and easily accessible media, your company would benefit in terms of safety and reduced expense, especially when compared to a dry ice machine.

Daimer Offers a Class Leading Ice Blaster Machine for Sale

With the Coulson machine that we’re offering, you can have the best of both blasting worlds. When you need highly efficient but non-abrasive cleaning, you can perform it with sustainable media. In situations where abrasive cleaning is required, sand can be added to the mix. With the right type of sand, you reduce risk and exposure to dangerous particles, keeping your staff safe.

Our ice blast machine doesn’t use dry ice, but instead works with standard ice produced from crystalline water. This significantly reduces your costs and your reliance on outside suppliers. When you clean with ice, you’re using a non-toxic media that requires no special safety precautions. Basic site safety still applies, but think of the benefits that you will gain without the need for respirators or special handling equipment. Adequate clothing and eye protection are the basic requirements of ice blasting, so your team will love working with this machine.

No machine would be a true sand blaster alternative if it were not able to perform the job well, so you will be relieved to know that the Coulson Ice Blast has been used in high demand cleaning applications, and was even developed originally for the Canadian Navy. This gives it the kind of pedigree that most cleaning solutions can’t claim.

If reducing your carbon footprint is a goal of your organization, then the Coulson Ice Blast from Daimer will alleviate many of your environmental operating concerns. There are no toxic materials, it is highly efficient, and it runs on electricity, so you won’t need to unnecessarily burn any fossil fuel based gas or petroleum. Water consumption is kept to a minimum, considering the cleaning power that is achieved. Consuming 121L per hour of operation means that you may be able to cut down on your utility usage when compared to your current solution, which can help you to reduce operating costs and offset some of the initial investment that you make in the machine. Maintenance is also minimal, and the Coulson Ice Blast comes with a 5 year, or 5,000 operating hour warranty. You simply won’t find a comparable ice blaster that offers so many benefits.

Discuss Your Needs and an Ice Blasting Machine with Daimer Limited

Reduced energy usage, readily available media, environmentally friendly, and highly effective, the Coulson Ice Blast is the machine that many industrial operators have been looking for. Talk to us today and find out how one of these units could benefit your business. As industry leaders in cleaning and maintenance products, we have the expertise to help you determine whether an Ice Blast is right for you.


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