June 15, 2016

Carpet Extracting Machines - Repairing Water Damage

Commercial Carpet ExtractorDid you know you are prone to water damage despite not being near a flood zone? There are many appliances in your home which can cause a flood, and when a flood strikes, you need to be able to quickly extract as much water as possible to minimize potential damage. Some specific items which can cause a flood is your plumbing system, toilets, water heaters, pipes bursting; this is just to name a few! 

In this post, we will review how our products can help you restore your situation prior to that flooding event. You can see how common floods happen here.  

Daimer Industries - Carpet Extracting Machines

Daimer Industries has recruited some of the top skilled engineers who come with many years of experience. Our entire team prides itself on the high-quality of our products and the materials that go into them while sticking to a competitive price. After all, who wouldn't want a superior product at a better price? 

Our customers tell the entire story. Daimer is proud to still work with many organizations who believed in us when we first opened our doors. Despite many competitors who came to light in the recent years, Daimer Industries is still the go-to source for carpet extractors for offices, warehouses, industrial parks, and more! 

Need more convincing? Daimer Industries has many customers who have been activel using their machine for well over 20 years. This is for industrial and commercial clients, not a residential customer who may use the unit a couple times in their lifetime. 

 Visit this link to learn more about the best carpet extracting machines on the market today and how you can effectively repair water damage with carpet extractors.

The Daimer Difference - Engineering for the Customer

Carpet extractors do the dirty work. They will do their best to lift grime, dirt, dust, debri, and other unwanted materials from the carpet. However, do not confuse a carpet extractor with a carpet cleaner as these two have different applications.

Most carpet cleaners will work similiar to a vacuum. It will have a rotation brush that will attempt to push the debri into the canister by way of suction. More often than not, the opposite happens and you can wedge the unwanted materials further into the carpet making extraction harder. 

Carpet extractors are far more efficient at removing unwanted substances from carpet by using very high, but safe pressure. Also, heat is utilized to help eliminate mold and mildew. Heat is your friendly when doing water damage repair with a carpet extractor. Mold and mildew love water, dark, and humid places. Typically after a water damage,  you have a check mark on all three things mold loves..

Hot Water vs. Water Damage

Who wins? Hot water or water damage? Well initially, its safe to say water damage wins. However, if you introduce hot water as a solution to the problem you are facing you will tip the cards in your favor. This is because hot water is known to work effictively against mold and mildew. Your enemy after water damage. Repairing carpet is very important after it is happened. Even if we are talking about a leaking faucet, any amount of water can end up causing thousands in damage depending on the duration of the leak along with the volume. Hot water is a critical part of the cleaning and sanitation process when trying to repair carpet from water damage. 

Basic chemistry tells us that heat provides energy. When you introduce chemicals in addition to heat, you have one strong combination that is built to win. This is applied chemistry 101. To further my point, allow me to elaborate. Cold tempatures will force molecules to become closer together. Hot water is the opposite. Molecules are forced to seperate which helps the culprit get removed from the carpet in a more efficient manner. Therefore, hot water is superior to cold water in many different ways. 

Rather than dirt or other debris which will sit on top of carpet fibers, water is actually absorbed into the carpet fibers. Even worst, if there is excess water it will go below the carpet fibers into the pad and under the pad. Under the carpet pad there is concrete. If the problem is not rectified as soon as possible you can expect to see mold shortly thereafter. 

Making The Choice

Deciding how you will repair water damage with a carpet extractor is not a simple choice. There is many different products that may benefit you. Utilize the knowledge of our product experts at Daimer Industry to your advantage. We will effectively help you to narrow your search to units which are most suitable for your specific situation. If you have water damage and unsure where to turn. Put your trust in the same company that commercial & industrial companies do. Give us a call today! 


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