March 29, 2021

The Truth About Continuous Refill Steam Cleaners

What is Daimer's Continuous Refill Steam Cleaner Technology?
How Does it Differ from Other Companies' Steam Cleaners?

Importantly, Daimer differentiates itself from any other steam cleaner vendor in the world by offering the highest quality and most powerful line of steam cleaners, continuous refill steam cleaners, and steam vacuum cleaners. Daimer ensures the highest level of quality, workmanship, engineering, and reliability with each machine.

In fact, a large majority of Daimer's customers successfully and effectively use our continuous refill steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners each and every day.

Daimer's dual-chamber, continuous refill steam cleaner models (no pressure caps!) give the user the ability to work non-stop, which is especially useful for homeowners, businesses, commercial cleaning people, industrial users, government, health care, educational institutions, and many others who either prefer the technology for convenience-sake or otherwise need to clean large surface areas and don't want their work interrupted. Pressure cap-based steam cleaners, of which we sell many thousands, can take up to 20 minutes or so before you are ready to start steaming again!

Merely open a non-pressurized cap and simply add water to the continuous refill steam cleaner's non-pressurized water refill chamber. Keep in mind Daimer's boiler still retains a good amount of water at temperatures up to a remarkable 360° F (depending upon the model) when the boiler "requests" water from the steam cleaner's water chamber.

Unfortunately, other steam cleaner brands on the market with lower temperatures will be negatively impacted by the cold water inflow.

Daimer's continuous refill steam cleaners include patented features unavailable in other brands and are engineered to be as reliable and rugged as our conventional pressure cap-based steam cleaners. Our continuous refill steam cleaners can maintain full pressure and temperature while the water is drawn into the boiler automatically using our Ultra-Steam Technology combined with our patented replaceable rod containing 2 heating elements (screwed directly into the boiler)! In addition, all of our continuous-refill systems include a patented self-cleaning boiler!

Read about our exciting patented scale-reducing continuous-refill technologies.


Competitors on the market lack Daimer's advanced patented technologies, and their continuous refill steam cleaner systems, if they offer them at all, often cannot maintain optimum/adequate temperature and pressure, both of which drop during the refill process. The result is lost productivity!

Read about factors impacting steam cleaning power.

Furthermore, some vendors in the industry offer only one steam cleaner model with no continuous refill functionality, which is a complete shame as this technology is vital to our many thousands of customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have noticed some of these vendors have made weak attempts to dissuade you against continuous refill technology!

Why you ask would competitors suggest you not consider continuous refill steam cleaners or steam vacuum cleaners?

The answer is simple ... because they don't offer it, and they will do whatever is necessary so they don't lose the sale! Just ask them if they sell continuous refill systems, and we bet they say "NO"! We believe our prospective customers are smart and can understand just exactly "where they're coming from"!


Daimer's extensive line of steam cleaners includes the latest in vapor steam technology and advanced, patented features unavailable through any other vendor in the industry! Our job is to consult with and guide you towards the best technology (steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, hard surface cleaning equipment, etc.) for your specific applications! Nothing more ... nothing less!

We'll tell you honestly if you need a continuous refill steam cleaner or not!

We'll tell you whether your productivity will be enhanced with steam cleaners or steam vacuum cleaners!

We'll even tell you not to buy vapor steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, or our other technologies if we feel they are unsuitable for your specific needs! We have done this many times to the astonishment and thanks from our prospective customers!

Daimer appreciates business equally from customers ranging from homeowners to the largest companies in the world, and we'll be there for you if you ever need us. HOWEVER, we are not in any way desperate for a business like other companies that will suggest you buy their product when they know it won't work! We hope and assume our competitors that suggest inappropriate technologies simply lack the knowledge to know any better!

We suggest you speak with one of our sales consultants and compare the quality of the conversation and content with our competitors. We feel very confident about our cleaning experience and knowledge, and believe you will notice clearly the reason for our success!

Daimer ... It's all about integrity and the application!


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