November 16, 2020

4 Differences Between Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

If you’re looking for a pressure washer but want to make sure you get the best type for the job at hand, you’ve come to the right place. An important question when it comes to using a pressure washer is, is hot water or cold water going to be most useful? Considering this, you need to think about what you’ll be using the pressure washer for. If you’re trying to get rid of dirt and grime, cold water will help get the job done. On the other hand, hot water is effective for fighting off oil and grease. We will go through the differences between each in further detail below so you are well-informed before making a decision for your cleaning needs.

Cold Water Pressure Washers: Powerful but Delicate

As mentioned above, cold pressure washers are optimal for rinsing away dirt and grime, and they have the added benefit of working on most surfaces. In fact, cold water is the superior option for cleaning surfaces that have a risk of warping under hot temperatures such as wood or plastics. You can be confident in the power washing ability of cold pressure washers while being assured that they won’t cause damage. Whether you’re power washing your deck, siding, cars, boats or otherwise, cold water will do the trick.

Hot Water Pressure Washers: Extra Strength for Tough Surfaces

A notable difference between hot and cold pressure washers is that hot water pressure washers are better suited to fighting off materials such as oil and grease. The reason they are so effective in this capacity is because the hot pressurized water breaks down the molecular bonds existing in oil and grease. 

Cost and Size Difference 

When it comes to distinguishing between hot-water pressure washers and cold-water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers are considerably larger, and often more complex in design. Perhaps more significant is the fact that hot water pressure washers are more expensive than their cold water counterpart, up to three times the cost. This is because the water for hot water pressure washers needs to be continually heated while being used, which in turn requires additional mechanical components and higher fuel costs. Since cold water pressure washers are cheaper and smaller in size, they are considered more practical in some cases and are thus more popular than their hot water counterpart.

Sheer Pressure vs. Steam Power

Cold water pressure washers rely on the mechanical force of highly pressurized water to dislodge dirt and grime. The sheer force that comes with this amount of pressure is enough to wash away most dirt and grime, and with the help of detergent, these washers can tackle some of the lighter stains. However, as explained above they aren’t as effective when it comes to washing away oil or grease stains. Hot water pressure washers cut through oil and grease stains as explained above. 

Now that you know the differences between each type of pressure washer, you can make an informed decision on what equipment is best for your cleaning needs. At Daimer Industries, we offer both hot and cold water pressure washers.Contact us today to learn more!


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