March 17, 2016

Fix Water Damage Using Carpet Extracting Machines

Commercial Carpet ExtractorWater damage is a problem anyone can face, even if you don’t live in a flood zone. Pipes burst, water heaters break, and plumbing gets backed up – it's just a fact of life. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, according to Murphy’s Law. Instead of spending your life worrying about what will go wrong, let us put your mind at ease when it comes to fixing carpeting with water damage.

Why Daimer?

Daimer has years of experience backed by skilled engineers and designers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the materials that go into them. Our customers are a testament to the success of the machines we have built, be it for commercial or personal use, our machines have and will continue to stand the test of time. Customers have been able to use the same machine over and again for up to twenty years, even on their toughest industrial or commercial cleanup needs. If that’s not enough to convince you we're the best brand choice, let us tell you why ours are the best carpet extracting machines on the market and why you should trust our products to cure even the most troubling water damaged carpet.

The Difference Is In The Name

Just like the name suggests, a carpet extractor literally lifts the dirt, grime, and other contaminants from carpeting. While similar to a carpet cleaner, the terms are not interchangeable. A traditional carpet cleaner, or carpet shampooer, only serves to scrub the dirt deeper into the weave with its rotating brush and often requires operation a second time with plain water to remove residue left by the cleaning agent the first time. All in all, a carpet cleaner is as useless as it is inefficient, and the method is simply dated at this point. The method of carpet extractors saves time and is more effective at cleaning anything out of carpeting, even water damage.

Hot Water Beats Water Damage

Just like in a game of rock-paper-scissors, hot water beats the set-in damage done by water leaks. It doesn't matter if it was something as small as a pipe dripping or as large as a water heater overflowing, carpet extractors get the job done.

Hot water is an important part of the process when trying to remove water damage from a carpet. Like a traditional carpet cleaner, a carpet extractor still uses a cleaning solution, and solutions dissolve more effectively in warm or hot water. The heat also provides the energy needed for the cleaning agent to work more efficiently because chemical processes will happen faster at a higher temperature – it’s basic middle school science applied to real-world problems.

The science lesson doesn’t stop there. Water damage is as much a problem as foreign contaminants being trapped in the carpet fibers as dirt, mold, or mildew. Hot water naturally relaxes and opens the carpet fibers, allowing the cleaner to penetrate deeper in order remove more contaminants than a carpet cleaner using cold water. This is especially important when trying to fix the damage done by water leaks.

Unlike particulate matter such as dirt, water is actually absorbed into the weave of the carpet. This is because of the natural absorbency of the fibers and pads beneath the carpet that water damage is so hard to combat. It is almost impossible to completely dry the carpet or pull out the contamination it brings with it without a carpet extractor. However, when cleaning water damaged carpet with a carpet extractor, the hot water will relax the weave of the fibers, the cleaning solution to pull out contaminants and reduce the stain left behind, and the final process of extraction by the machine will finish the job. It’s simple and leaves the carpet looking fresher and brighter.

Daimer machines offer a variety of temperatures in our X-Treme Power line of models. There are builds meant for both personal use in the home, and those for commercial and industrial use. The versatile temperature controls allow you to choose how hot or cold the water is so you can make the most efficient use of the carpet extractor’s cleaning capabilities. Start off cleaning with hot water, and switch to cold water once the damage is reversed to close the fibers in order to help repel dirt and keep the carpet from absorbing water as effectively in the future.

Making The Choice

Choosing the right method to clean up any mess can be overwhelming, and that is why we have made the choice easier for you. A carpet extractor works effectively and efficiently, lifting the foreign matter to leave you with a cleaner, brighter, healthier looking carpet you’d be proud to show even to your mother-in-law. When repairing water damage to carpet, a Daimer carpet extractor is the only choice worth considering.


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