March 09, 2016

Learn How to Use a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Commercial Carpet CleanersInvesting in a commercial carpet cleaner is investing in the cleanliness of your home or office and the health of your family, employees, and clients. At Daimer Industries, we strive to provide the best commercial carpet cleaners at competitive prices. Our machines can help return your carpet to its original state, since they clean far more effectively than regular methods. When used properly, they can also help prevent mold and mildew by washing your carpet fibers clean of any trapped moisture and pollutants.

Dust mites, pet dander, dirt, roach debris, and certain air pollutants can all become trapped within your carpet. Deep cleaning your carpet, especially with a commercial carpet shampooer,  is a great way to banish these biopollutants. Yet it is important that you use your carpet cleaner correctly.

How to Use Your Commercial Grade Carpet Cleaner

  1. Don't be shy about consulting our Daimer product experts. We'll help you select the best model for your needs, which means no accidentally purchasing a grout and tile cleaner when you want something for your carpet.
  2. Inspect your machine for any obvious dents or other issues. Though we pride ourselves in having the finest machines, we can't always account for past user error for a rental or shipping damages.
  3. Vacuum the area to be cleaned ahead of time.
  4. Pre-mix the suggested green carpet cleaning liquid according to the dilution rate on the bottle. Apply the carpet cleaning solution (pre-mixed) to the carpet area (not more than 1 room at a time or total area of approximately 250 sq. ft.). This will help prevent "over-wetting," which increases drying time and can lead to browning or wicking. Most types of carpet can be cleaned using 1 gallon of pre-mix to cover approx. 200 sq. ft.
  5. Test a small patch of carpet in an inconspicuous area, especially if you are using a shampoo not recommended by our specialists. Even if you are, this is still a good idea to ensure it does not react strangely to your carpet.
  6. After applying the pre-spray to the entire area to be cleaned, allow 10-15 minutes of dwell time. This will help loosen the dirt and soil hidden deep within your carpet and emulsify the grease, oils, soaps, etc. After 10-15 minutes, depress the carpet wand trigger to release the water flow to clean the carpet while the vacuum extraction within the carpet cleaner is powered. Please do not place your carpet cleaning chemical or shampoo into the machine's carpet cleaner solution tank. Other carpet cleaner methods on the market seem to focus on adding carpet shampoo to the carpet cleaner, but it is unnecessary with Daimer. This also helps keep your tank clean of any soap scum.
  7. After extracting approximately half the first area, stop and go to next area and pre-spray another 250 sq. ft. This will save you time, as the carpet cleaning solution will dwell on the carpet as you go back to finish extracting the first area. Repeat this procedure through entire process, but be sure to not let it sit for more than 20 minutes. If this happens, lightly re-spray the area.
  8. When you are done cleaning, rinse the area as necessary to remove suds. Carpet sections containing heavy soap or grease/oil may need to be treated again. After cleaning carpet areas, spot clean any remaining spots. After using the appropriate chemical, always rinse spot areas with the carpet cleaner and Eco-Green ® to remove any chemical residue. You can use an inexpensive, appropriate carpet grooming rake to groom the carpet area.
  9. Wait for the carpet to dry completely. This takes 2 to 5 hours depending on your model. Then, vacuum against the pattern that was used with the carpet cleaner to help it finish drying.

Our Eco-Green® Commercial Carpet Shampooer

Our Eco-Green® shampoo contains no harmful ingredients, and is free of the chemicals considered harmful by OSHA. These chemicals include chlorine, cyanogen, nitric oxide, and ammonia solutions; to name four of over forty chemicals.

This is because our shampoo contain plant- and bio-based chemicals that are environmentally safe. This means they are chlorine-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic, hypoallergenic, and won't leave behind sticky residues or an unpleasant fragrance. Our products can safely be used for virtually all markets and industries, though we wish to note that chemicals that are pet safe are not always bird safe, due to their extremely sensitive respiratory system. If you do use a commercial grade carpet cleaner, ensure that your bird is not in the area to be cleaned. and that said area is completely dry before returning your bird to it.

For  more information on our stellar shampoo and the best commercial carpet cleaners, visit our website


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