January 14, 2015

Indoor-Outdoor Cleaning with Steam Pressure Washers

Steam Pressure WashersWhen you have a big cleaning project using a pressure steam washer can make your job easier. These type of washers are designed to help get the toughest dirt cleaned up. When you combine the power and accuracy of our hot water steam pressure washer with the mobility of a smaller unit, you have more options at your fingertips. Inside or outside, choosing one of our units guarantees that you get your heavy-duty cleaning jobs done better and faster. Let us help you get the clean you need with one of our pressurized steam cleaners.  There are a variety of uses for pressure washers at home or on the job including:

Washing your House

Using an industrial steam pressure washer at your home is not as odd as you think. Our industrial strength units are compact enough to easily store in your garage, shed or other closet.  What they lcak in size, they make up for in power. Use the Super Max 7000 pressure washer and steam cleaner to remove dirt, grime, dust and other debris from on or around the outside of your home. This particular model is designed to maximize water consumption by consuming less water and putting it to better use.

Our electric pressure washer with steam is designed to get hard to removed dirt and grime from hard places. Use this industrial grade unit to clean your porch, siding and other areas outside of your home. We offer a variety of steam cleaners to help you get your home or office space clean and sparkling inside and out.

Because our units are small, you can easily move them from place to place, providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.

 Cleaning Concrete

Whether you need to remove dirt and grime from your basement floor, the sidewalk in front of your home or office or paint and other graffiti from the side of your building, our steam pressure washers are safe and effective on concrete surfaces. With models featuring PSIs of 1450 and up, there is plenty of power behind the water to get your concrete surfaces as clean as new.

Using a steam cleaner pressure washer to clean cement is further improved by the ability to heat the water up to 330 degrees. Our Super Max 10970 pressure washer steam cleaner can convert cold water to hot in just 30 seconds! When you combine the hot water with high pressure and any specialty cleaner, you can get the clean you want in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Use a steam pressure washer when you need to get any concrete surface clean, fast.


When pretty clean won’t work for you, consider a steam pressure washer rental. These units can help clean hard to reach areas quickly. This type of detailed cleaning works great on cars and equipment that needs attentive cleaning and has a lot of crevices. The steam can get when your rag can’t. Because the water is pressurized, it does the scrubbing for you. Using a pressure washer with steam will help ensure that excess water is eliminated. This means you can wash out crevices without worrying about mold or bacteria forming from excess water. The steam cleans and dries quickly.

Our electric steam pressure washer is gentle enough to clean important machinery at work and strong enough to remove dirt and grime from delicate places in your car, home and office spaces. When details matter, consider purchasing a steam pressure washer for sale.

Steam Cleans Safely

One of the biggest benefits of using a hot steam pressure washer for your heavy-duty cleaning needs is that steam provides a safer, more effective option than water. This can be particularly important in industrial settings where safety is extremely important.

Your pressure washer with steam cleaner will help eliminate splash back and spills. This is vital, because the water can be heated up to over 300 degrees! Reducing splashing will protect employees from burns and keep your space free from puddles and extra mess to clean up. When you use pressure washer steam to clean, you reduce the risk of mold and bacteria that could form when water doesn’t dry properly. Properly cleaning and drying shelving, machinery and other items in food-based facilities is vital to ensuring safety for employees and consumers.

Purchasing steam pressure washers for sale can help you keep your employees and customers safe by providing a more thorough cleaning. Although many units are powered by electricity, you can maintain your safety by following all safety procedures when using the steam cleaners.

When you need an industrial grade steam cleaner to get your home, car or business in tip-top shape, choose Daimer Industries. We have years of experience providing the best steam cleaner in the industry to customers world-wide. Our American-made products are shipped to 240 countries and are recognized as one the best products in the industrial-cleaning industry. With over 700 models to choose from, we have what you need. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can customize your order to ensure that the product you get fits your needs exactly.

To learn more about the type of cleaner we offer or to order a steam cleaner for your home or business, visit our website today. We offer outright purchases as well as Lease-to-Own and rental options. Call us today 1.800.471.7157.


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