May 19, 2016

Industrial Steam Cleaners - Great for Getting Rid of Water Buildup

Hard Water Buildup

Industrial Steam CleanersAs you may know, hard water is water that has a high amount of mineral deposits such as lime, silica, and/or calcium. Hard water is found in many parts of the country, as a lot of people use wells as their water source. Even when using a water softener and whole house particulate filters, over time, there are still water build up deposits. This can lead to reduced water flow in your sink or shower and water ends up going in the completely wrong direction. When you use the shower, sink, or whatever water system, the water dries and the mineral deposits are left behind. The mineral deposits leave brownish or white spots on glass or ceramic items, and are found mostly in your kitchen or bathroom.

Currently, there are a variety of methods to cleaning the water build up and remove the unsightly spots. Some people use chemical cleaners, that may or may not do the job. However, when you use the sink or shower the next time, those chemicals will get on your skin. With this in mind, you may consider using an industrial steam cleaner to get rid of your water build up problem.

How to Clean Your Faucets or Shower Heads

All faucets have a small removable filter at the end. Then, remove any rubber gaskets. Make sure that you are putting the pieces somewhere safe so that they do not get lost and make sure you are paying attention to the order that you are removing the pieces so that you can reassemble it easily. Then, use your steam cleaner to clean the filter, running it under water after you have loosened up any surface deposits.

To remove calcium and rust from your faucets and shower heads, use vinegar. This is because calcium is an alkaline earth metal so it has two valence electrons in the outer shell. So, this means that calcium is highly reactive with acids, such as vinegar—which most people have in their homes already. Then, the vinegar is going to work best with heat. Use your steam cleaner to heat up the area and scrub with vinegar. Use the steam cleaner on your faucet filter and apply the vinegar to that too. It should all start bubbling when the vinegar hits the faucet materials.

About Industrial Steam Cleaners

Industrial steam cleaners use the cleaning and sanitation powers of high temperatures for cleaning. A steam cleaner has the technology to blast away dirt, grease, and grime, leaving your surfaces clean. Then take into consideration how hot the steam can get. Usually getting to about 290 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam cleaner will kill mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, listeria, microorganisms, and more. 

Then, make sure that you understand how the steam cleaner works. At Daimer, our commercial and industrial steam cleaning solutions deliver this cleaning power with only 5% humidity content. This means that when you clean with your steam cleaner, it dries just about as soon as you are done cleaning and sanitizing.

Affordable Pressure Washers at Daimer

The Super Max 7000 – The Super Max 7000 is a commercial and industrial grade steam cleaning machine that is made specifically for people who need the additional cleaning power of heat. The Super Max 7000 is electric and propane heated and uses less water and cleans faster than most other steam cleaning systems. This machine offers 1000 PSI high pressure levels and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM with steam temperature getting as high as 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get your Steam Cleaning Machine from Daimer today!

Are you ready to get your steam cleaning machine to help you clean water build up in your home? Or, do you need more information about steam cleaning equipment? Contact the steam cleaning professionals at Daimer at or 1-877-830-7346. Daimer is globally recognized and has over 100 man years of experience in the steam cleaning industry. Daimer steam cleaning machine representatives can provide you with the information and guidance you need for your steam cleaning needs. Daimer Industries is a globally recognized leader in innovative, technologically advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Located in the United States of America, Daimer ships equipment to over 240 countries worldwide.

The advanced engineering and technology in the products offered by Daimer allow you the best cleaning experience for your home. There are a variety of pressure washers on the market and finding the right one that will last is extremely important. As Daimer is a recognized worldwide as a leader in the cleaning industry, you can be sure that your machine is durable and is going to last—making it well worth the investment.


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