May 28, 2015

Super Max™ 10880: Wet Steam Pressure Washer

Super Max™ 10880When it comes to things like managing industrial cleaning applications where there is a demand for the power that comes with high levels of pressure, you need a pressure washer that has a PSI of 3500.  Nowadays, you can choose from commercial and industrial pressure washers and pressure washer systems that have a PSI that ranges from 750 to 3000 and higher.

Pressure washers that are heated by oil or gas that have these higher levels of pressure are the ones that are typically chosen when there are maintenance operations that are extremely challenging.  These pressure washers with the higher PSI are easily able to eliminate even the toughest of grease deposits and dirt from a variety of surfaces.  They are especially useful when it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces and even driveways.

The best and most popular in the 3500 PSI category of steam pressure washers that come from the top suppliers are those that are known for the advanced technologies as well as for their efficient construction.  For example, when it comes to your conventional pressure washer that is oil heated, the batteries can be unreliable and will not retain a charge for very long while the system is in use.  This is also an issue with the traditional gas powered units.

When it comes to steam pressure washers that are advanced and have a PSI of 3500, the special engine alternator assists in maintaining the charge of the battery for a whole day of use.  There is a high level of efficiency in the industrial pressure washers and the gasoline powered pressure washers that are high grade that means that any sort of system failure is kept to a minimum.

When it comes to the most durable and reliable pressure washers with a PSI of 3500, the Super Max™ 10880 is a leader in the industry.  It features a flow rate of 4 GPM and offers you tri-mode capabilities.  The heating functions are incredibly fast for the Super Max™ 10880 and it can heat cold water to hot water or even to steam in a matter of only 30 seconds.

So that it can clean even the toughest of dirt deposits from a wide variety of surfaces, the Super Max™ 10880 generates steam that has temperatures as hot as 330⁰F.  The 14 HP engine that this commercial pressure washer has is advanced and has been engineered in such a way that you get an enhanced durability coupled with a silent operation.  As far as durability goes, the ones for this machine are further enhanced by a brass manifold and plunger pumps that are heavy duty.

Features at a Glance

  • This industrial steam pressure washer gives you total innovation in terms of oil heated, gas powered pressure washers that use steam.
  • The pressure of this machine is up to 3500 PSI
  • The flow rate is at 4 GPM
  • You can use this machine with a variety of temperatures.  Choose from cold water, hot water or wet steam
  • When it comes to the temperatures of the steam, you get the highest in the industry at 330⁰F.
  • The heating is speedy.  Go from old water to hot water or even to steam in only 30 seconds.
  • This wet steam pressure washer is powered by a gasoline engine that has 14 HP and is of the electric start type.  It has a 2 gallon chamber and this special engine even meets the new standards set by the EPA for lower emissions.
  • The heating method that is used in the Super Max™ 10880 is diesel oil and it has a 9 gallon chamber
  • The chemical injection is through an upstream chemical feed
  • This particular wet steam pressure washer meets the regulatory requirements from all around the world.  These include EU safety and EU Noise, RFI/EMC, EU Stage 2, EPA Phase III and USA CARB Tier 3.

Issues with Competitor Models

In this industry, the systems that are operated by a12V DC battery have always been plagued by chronic failures.  These problems are industry wide and they are caused by things like:

  • The combustion chamber and the coils tend to get a buildup of carbon and soot because of inefficient burning that is inherent with the oil burner systems that are weak.
  • They have a constant power deficit when they are running which then leads to battery failures that are frequent and general breakdowns of the systems.
  • The batteries that are used in these systems are unreliable and not of a good quality.  They pull more power than is producible by their alternators and as a result, they are unable to keep a charge when the system is running.  

Innovations Brought by Daimer®

  • Daimer® has given the Super Max™ 10880 a vibration isolation system that is exclusive
  • The tri-plex plunger pumps are heavy duty and have better components,  There is also a brass manifold which gives you a lasting durability
  • The system is protected by proprietary safety controls
  • The new 14 HP engine is high tech.  It has an engineering that is advanced so that you get a quiet operation that is durable
  • The unique technology that Daimer® uses allows for lower amperage requirements for the low burner that is highly efficient and technologically advanced
  • The engine alternator is high output which means that the battery charge will last for the entire day.

The Daimer® Super Max™ 10880 comes to you complete with a limited warranty that is good for a year as well as a limited warranty on the water pump that is good for 5 years and a limited warranty on the engine that is good for 2 years.


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