June 25, 2015

Super Max 12840 Pressure Washer Eliminates Grime With a Powerful Spray

Super Max 12840We have more than 400 of the most powerful and reliable Super Max industrial and commercial grade pressure washers that emit steam temperatures of up to 333°F and water temperatures up to 180°F to 210°F for cleaning in most industries. Slimy grease and gritty grime isn’t a match for the Super Max 12840 pressure washer. Using this pressure washer will make you feel like a superhero thanks to the speed and efficiency it uses to tackle your dirtiest job and turn it into a clean, usable space.

Whether you are a contractor, employee or business owner who operates in health services, hospitality, food service, food processing, manufacturing, oil services or one of the many other industries (it can tackle 32 applications*) that have a need for a pressure washer we have the best pressure washers to efficiently and swiftly clean brick, stone, concrete, metal, stainless steel as well as industrial and commercial machinery and all other hard surfaces. You won’t believe the power of wet steam, it dissolves just about any if not all nasty, grimy, sandy messes.

There isn’t another machine offered in the industry that cleans more effectively than the ones we have to offer you. Our Super Max 12840, a tri-mode industrial electric pressure washer, can be used with cold or hot water or steam pressure at a higher flow rate of 4 GPM and a pressure level of 2,000 psi. It’s also powered by a 5.0 HP NEMA electric engine. The engine has 230 volts compared to the standard 60Hz that’s with other worldwide power options.

You have the option of specifying in your order exactly what you want: number 1 or number 2 heating oil, diesel or kerosene heat. The additional options include a 2-gun operation or the capability of operating as a trailer mounted pressure washer, which would be ideal for those who need maximum mobility. The 12840 is made to also give you maximum performance.

More features for your benefit

This model is chocked full of features: It has a heating capacity of 9 gallons, provides a heavy duty schedule 80 heating coil and converts cold water to hot water in approximately 30 seconds. Another important feature is the ability of continuous use. No one wants to keep stopping while they’re working and cleaning a large area and with the Super Max 12840 that’s something you don’t have to worry about. And that’s not all:

  • Direct pump drive method
  • High pressure injection chemical infusion
  • Durable 3’ trigger wand with quick disconnect included
  • Standard steam nozzles at 0°, 15°, 25° and 40°
  • 50’ high pressure steam hose with additional and customizable pressure hose options available
  • 575 pounds and dimensions of 25” width x 32” depth x 42” height
  • The machine, which is black and silver, is housed in stainless steel and powder coated with a high gloss that’s chip and chemical resistant.
  • Available as a trailer mount machine with wheels removed
  • Optional: Multi-Gun operation and Wet Sandblasting system

Are you still curious about everything the Super Max 12840 industrial steam cleaner has to offer? Let’s go over some of the things it can tackle with ease:

Bricks, concrete, degreases industrial equipment, drum cleaning, construction equipment, non-food and beverage industry equipment cleaning and conveyor belt cleaning, farm equipment, airport buildings, hangars, walkways, concrete parking lots, bus and truck washing both body and tires, coils and condensers related cleaning, floors and walls of foodservice kitchens, forklift truck cleaning, heat exchanges and heavy equipment cleaning, hood duct cleaning in foodservice kitchens, ice dam removal from gutters, industry equipment degreasing, kitchen cleaning of foodservice cleaning contractors and operators, degreasing machine shop equipment, cleaning metal working equipment, oil rig platform cleaning, small areas of rust and paint removal, parts washing, commercial shower cleaning, cleaning concrete sidewalks, supermarket carts cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning of swimming pool tiles, degreasing of floors and walls, and wheelchair cleaning.

With such an extensive list of tasks the machine can complete, you can see that purchasing the Super Max 12840 will garner a return on investment after just a few uses. With ease of use, convenience and a multi-tasker this will be a cleaning machine you’ll proudly (and profitably) use for years to come. Even your colleagues will be in awe of the power behind this industrial cleaner.

Your machine will be covered under two limited warranties; a one-year warranty on the water pump and a five-year warranty for the motor/engine. Should anything arise during that time period then you’re covered. Another great benefit about our steam cleaners is there is rarely a need to replace a part or perform repairs, but you’ll be happy to know that should a part need replacing our machines are engineered in a way that you can do that on your own. That’s right; there won’t be a need to return the cleaner to the manufacturer. That saves you time and money.

Super Max 12840 to the rescue

Saving time and money plus using a powerful machine is definitely the making of a superhero. Just like the “Man of Steel” or the dude with the “Spidey sense,” you’ll be wielding your Super Max 12840 wand and tackling the worse of jobs with speed, strength and finesse. What better way is there than using the powerful industrial and commercial steam cleaner to get the job done? We can’t think of one. Let the steam cleaning begin; contact our professional customer service representatives to order your 12840 right now.


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