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All Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers by Daimer

Daimer's Super Max ™ commercial pressure washers and industrial pressure washers are the leading commercial industrial pressure washing equipment in the world. We offer over 400 pressure washer models, including high pressure washers, electric pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, and hot water pressure washers. We even offer unrivaled steam pressure washers for commercial industrial cleaning applications. The factory incorporates only the highest quality components and parts into each and every pressure washer. Daimer's commercial and industrial pressure washing technology allows us to generate the highest pressure and temperature levels among any other brands on the market.

High pressure washers are among the most popular pressure washers for commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning as the high pressure allows the user to complete the job faster and more effectively. Using a high pressure washer with steam or what we refer to as a steam pressure washer creates significantly greater cleaning power than cold water and hot water pressure washers. In fact, every 10°F rise in temperature produces a significantly greater cleaning effectiveness factor. Our steam pressure washers generate up to 330°F temperatures for fantastic cleaning power at up to 140°F higher temperatures than hot water pressure washers and 280°F higher temperatures than cold water pressure washing equipment.

Daimer's high pressure washers range from 750 - 8000 psi for unprecedented cleaning equipment performance for applications in most industries worldwide. We even offer in our Vapor-Flo ® the world's first high pressure washer series operating as electric pressure washers for cleaning equipment tasks requiring all electric power as well as heat. These 1800 psi hot water pressure washers are highly effective for applications requiring low water flow rates of 2 liters per minute. Lack of drainage or ensuring cleaning takes place with less rather than more water make this electric pressure washer a very popular machine within industrial facilities.

Consider Daimer if your commercial and industrial cleaning applications require powerful and reliable high pressure washers, cold pressure washers, hot pressure washers, and steam pressure washers.

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