June 03, 2015

Cut Through Grease with the Super Max 6230SCW

Not all flat surfaces are simple to clean. It can take a lot of skill and time to be able to remove dirt, grease or other stains. Oil stains, for example, can take hours to get off of a floor if all you are doing is scrubbing on your hands and knees. Whether you need something to detail your car or something to clean up the floor of your shop every night, Daimer has you covered. The Super Max 6230SCW has a lot to offer and can provide you with excellent results every time.

What is a Vapor Steam Cleaner?

Super Max 6230SCWVapor steam clearners are hard surface cleaning machines that spray dry steam. The steam breaks down the dirt and grime, allowing it to be easily washed away. It works by using an internal boiler based system to heat the water, converting it into steam. It uses very little water to create the steam. Because you are only using the vapor steam cleaner to remove tough stains, you are able to control how you clean the rest of the room.

Vapor steam cleaners are often found in auto detailing shops, but they aren’t suited for deep cleaning cars. The work best on the interior of a vehicle or they can be used to clean chemicals off the floor in your shop. Most deep cleaning comes from the amount of steam the machine uses, so choose a model capable of producing high amounts.

Size should also be considered when thinking about investing in a commercial vapor steam cleaner. Most shops only need a small unit to work the interior of a car. The Super Max 6230SCW is often chosen because it offers a lot of steam, an immense amount of power, and is compact.

Benefits of the Super Max 6230SCW

Choosing a new vapor steam cleaner can be easy when you know what to look for. Daimer offers several different models that can help you get the exact clean you need. The Super Max 6230SCW is often selected because it is able to produce the top quality results that most businesses want.

The Super Max 6230SCW has several great features that can help get surfaces clean:

  • Highly powerful model suited for professional work
  • Low-moisture system is perfect for washing cars
  • Precise system suitable for car detailing
  • Uses temperatures up to 250 degrees for thorough cleaning
  • Flow rate of .5 GPM allows for better efficiency

The Super Max 6230SCW is a great choice for the automotive industry because it has a wide variety of uses. Like many other Daimer vapor steam cleaners, it can easily cut through dirt, oil, mud, grease, salt and more. This model heats to the perfect temperature to melt ice and snow. Its low flow system allows you to get the exact amount of power you need without having to worry about damaging your vehicle.

The Super Max 6230SCW is designed to be the perfect solution for auto detailing and cleaning. It is designed to apply just enough pressure to get the surface clean without damaging the car. The lower PSI settings allow you to ensure that painted surfaces are not chipped or scratched. Comparatively, most other vapor steam cleaners on the market have pressures up to 3000 psi, which can hurt many of the delicate features on your automobile.

The size of the machine is also very efficient and perfect for a car wash setting. Wheels allow you to easily move the unit to the area that needs to be cleaned. A medium sized tank allows you to cover multiple areas without having to frequently refill. Because it is easy to use and work with, the Super Max 6230SCW is a great choice for any automotive company.

Best of all, the Super Max 6230SCW can be used on almost any service. This means that it is very flexible and a practical choice. Many other industries, aside from automotive, are taking advantage of the superior cleaning features of this vapor steam cleaner.

A Vapor Steam Cleaner that’s Built to Last

There are many choices available when it comes to vapor steam cleaners. If you want a professional clean, you need the help of an industrial grade machine. Daimer works hard to produce quality machines that can be used in almost any industry. The Super Max 6230SCW, for example, is made with incredibly durable parts that are designed for everyday use.

Super Max 6230SCW vapor steam cleaners also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This helps you to rest assured knowing that you are getting a model that is built to last. Make sure you get the clean you need with the help of Daimer. The Super Max 6230SCW is a professional solution that can help you solve a number of different cleaning problems.

Daimer is proud to offer professional vapor steam cleaners to businesses. If you are in need of a good quality vapor steam cleaning machine, than look no further than the Super Max 6230SCW. A high quality device offered by a company with a stellar track record in the cleaning industry will be exactly what your business needs.

To get started using the Super Max 6230SCW, please contact us directly. Our customer service department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the model. Your automotive business deserves to work with the very best!


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