June 04, 2015

Super Max 6235SCW

Super Max 6235SCWWhen it comes to running an efficient and successful mobile car wash business, only the best equipment will do. Your customers demand quality service; whether they are the first customer of the day or the last, they expect you to do your best work on every car. Because your livelihood depends on keeping your customers happy, and on the number of cars you service each day, it is important that you provide quality detailing while keeping productivity in mind. The more cars you detail, the more money you make.

The days of washing cars by hand are gone. Today’s mobile car wash uses industrial grade mobile car wash machines such as the Super Max 6235SCW. This efficient model cleans engines, removes dirt and grime and even melts ice and snow. This powerful car wash machine is powerful enough to wash away tree sap, bugs, grease, oil and a host of other stubborn substances without risk of damage to the vehicle’s surface. The Super Max 6235SCW is safe for virtually all car surfaces including wheels, engines, glass, exteriors and much, much more.

Super Max 6235SCW Specifications

The Super Max 6235SCW is the perfect car detailing machine. It emits a powerful 69 bar pressure level with a flow rate of 4.16 LPM. Water is heated by eco-friendly propane to produce steam temperatures as high as 121ºC.

When compared to standard pressure washers, which have the potential to be wasteful and damaging to vehicle surfaces, the Super Max stacks up nicely. A standard pressure washer emits roughly 18.9 LPM, wasting large amounts of water. They also have pressure levels as high as 206.9 bar, which can damage painted car surfaces quite easily. One major benefit of the Super Max car detailer over standard pressure washers is that it requires no added chemicals to clean and detail vehicles. This machine is capable of melting away dirt and grime without the use of harmful cleansers.

The Super Max 6235SCW is constructed of durable powder-coated steel. It quickly converts cold water to hot in just 30 seconds, and with its ability for continuous use, you never have to stop to refill.

What Makes the Super Max 6235SCW a Good Choice

If you are taking your car detailing business to your customers, you and your equipment needs to be highly portable. Traditional pressure washers can be bulky and heavy – not very suitable for the type of work you do. The Super Max 6235 however, is easy to move, fits nicely on a small trailer or in a truck, and is lightweight enough to go just about anywhere.

For multi-purpose industrial use, most users want a pressure washer with the highest bar rating for their money. In the car detailing business, the highest bar rating isn’t what determines the best machine for the job. In fact, higher bar levels can actually damage a car’s surface. For your mobile car detailing business, you don’t need a machine with a high bar rate, but one with an adequate flow rate and temperature in order to properly address your customers’ needs. The Super Max does both with a 4.16 LPM flow rate, and reaching temperatures up to 121ºC, it more than adequately meets any customer’s detailing needs.

Your business is only as good as the equipment you use. You must rely on it every day to perform the way it should, and you need it to last a long time. Since stainless steel is one of the planet’s most durable metals, we’ve created the Super Max 6235SCW using it. Its housing is corrosion proof, and the working parts are of the highest quality. This car detailing machine is built to provide you with years of quality use.

A Mobile Car Detailing Machine for Shiny Car Exteriors

The Super Max 6235SCW combines the best of conventional steam cleaning with the strength of a pressure washer to offer a great solution for your car cleaning and detailing applications. Traditional pressure washers emit pressure levels that could potentially damage delicate painted vehicle surfaces. Traditional vapor steam cleaners lack the strength necessary to adequately remove stubborn substances from car exteriors. The mobile Super Max 6235SCW features the best of all worlds – high steam temperatures, less wasteful flow rates and moderate pressure ratings in one perfect machine.

Mobile car detailing machines are used by car wash professionals more and more these days to keep cars in excellent like-new condition. These machines are suitable for fleet maintenance as well as being the center of a car detailing business. With a large wheel system, the Super Max 6235SCW is highly portable and easy to maneuver just about anywhere.

The Super Max 6235SCW is available from Daimer. This powerful car detailing system is a low flow model specifically designed to clean and detail vehicles in countries with 50Hz electric power. Reaching steam temperatures up to 121ºC and with a flow rate of 4.16 LPM, the Super Max 6235SCW powers away dirt, mud, tree sap, grease, bugs and oil from any exterior vehicle surface including wheels, glass and engines.

The Super Max 6235SCW car wash system cannot be purchased online, so give us a call to find out how this powerful machine can be yours today. Let our knowledgeable staff show you how this machine is your first and only choice to keeping your fleet clean or your car detailing business thriving. Don’t wait – call 1-800-471-7157 today.


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