May 23, 2016

The Best Hard Surface Steam Cleaner for Epoxy Floors

Hard floor surfaces can be tricky to clean depending on the type of flooring. Tile flooring is notorious for becoming dirty due to the grout that is so porous. Epoxy floors, while touch, often need some extra care to get them clean. Here at Daimer Industries, we believe in providing the best hard surface steam cleaner to help your floor look its best. We know how hard it is to get your floor nice and shining in a reasonable amount of time.

Hard Surface Steam Cleaners

What is Epoxy Flooring?

We have talked about cleaning tile, carpet, walls, houses, and other types of flooring. Many of our customers may not know what epoxy flooring is or why it would even need a steam cleaner. The truth is, epoxy flooring is an amazing ingenuity of science that’s very interesting to observe.

Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a full coating. The coating forms when one-part polyamine hardener and one-part epoxide resin are mixed together. The hardener in this instance acts as the catalyst during the process. This is what gives epoxy its strength and durability.

The even cooler aspect of epoxy is that unlike paint it doesn’t dry, it cures. When these two parts have been mixed a chemical reaction occurs to create the exothermic curing process. How it works is the curing process forces the polymer to produce structure that become cross-linked. The result is a coating thicker than paint and bonds well to a surface that has been prepared properly.

What Type of Steam Cleaning Machine is Recommend for Epoxy Flooring?

Now that you know epoxy flooring is so tough, why does it need a commercial floor steam cleaner to bring it to a high shine? The reason for the steam cleaning machine is due to the fact epoxy flooring is often exposed to many elements that make it dirty. This can be oil, grease, rubber marks left from tires, and even scuff marks. While this doesn’t hurt the flooring itself, cleaning up these messes is another matter.

Steam cleaning has been the preferred method for cleaning hard floors for a while now. Steam is able to lift up tough components like grease to leave behind a clean shine. Epoxy flooring will maintain its shine even if you drop a wrench on it, but you still want it to be clean, right?

Our KleenJet Pro Plus 200S is a commercial grade cleaning machine that has a stainless steel housing. This machine was meant for heavy duty steam cleaning. The water temperature can reach up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit and has a 75 PSI. This model of our KleenJet series is considered an industrial model that anyone can appreciate. Our lightweight model gives you an unrivaled clean and has over twenty different attachments. You can tackle even the toughest of cleaning products using this machine.

The KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS is another amazing machine we also have to offer too. This commercial vapor steam cleaning technology to get the job done right. Steam temperatures can reach up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, You’ll always have enhanced cleaning results with this cleaning machine. The KleenJet 300CS is the most popular in its class, and for good reason too. 100% EPA compliant with two-liter stainless steel boiler, you have a guaranteed lifetime warranty on this cleaning machine.  This machine also offers a 75 PSI pressure level for those tough cleaning applications. The KleenJet 300CS also boasts of our company’s Advanced Self-Regulation Continuous Refill Technology too. You’ll find this feature very important when you’re busy cleaning your floor. We even add in 30 detail brushes when you purchase this cleaning machine absolutely free.

Hard floors can be hard to give a deep clean since many people assume on the surface they’re perfectly fine. While the truth is over time hard floors can begin to acquire nicks, scrapes, and stains just like any other flooring. While the type of hard flooring you’re cleaning may require some special care, it’s hard to go wrong with a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is able to get at most stains and microscopic holes to break down the debris that’s built up too. Steam cleaners in particular are a popular choice for getting out the grease in tile that can accumulate in a kitchen.

Here at Daimer Industries, we care about our customers. We understand you have many choices when it comes to your steam cleaning machines, but you chose to go with us. We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in steam cleaning technology and for good reason.


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